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  1. Pro Comp Elite rattle

    Hoyt Archery Discussion
    On my 2013 PCE, the "pocket spacer" on the bottom limb (at the base of the limbs) is loose and rattling - any thoughts on how to fix this? Is it possible to do without taking the bow apart? Thanks
  2. How do YOU do it?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Well, we all know the rut is here or almost here. This means the big boys should be more receptive to the sounds coming from our calls and rattleing antlers... I haven't done a whole lot of calling but I have done some, and have had various degrees of luck with it. Usually I only use my grunt...
  3. Watch out for "IT" because "IT'' might get you.

    General Archery Discussion
    :embara::rolleyes: Did the intro make you curious LOL Well just thought I'd tell ya all the rattlers are out again! This was a young one but... He tried to snap me while I was taking the photo. Here is the picture... Enjoy!