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  1. Maple Leaf Classified Ads
    Hello fellow Canucks. Please see the attached thread. Would be great to sell this within Canada
  2. Hunting Bows
    Up for sale: APA Rattler. Amazing bow with a huge range. See snapshot from website for the specs. 20-60# 16-28"DL. It's in great shape. No scratches or dents. Not used in the bush. This bow was my sons who used it as target bow. Will likely have a set screw mark but not 100% sure as I haven't...
  3. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    This is an amazing bow. Not sure if it has been redone, but it looks so original. Bought it this way and the bow looks like new. Ben Pearson Special 4'10' (58 inch AMO) 50# @ 28 Dark walnut color riser with contrasting light limb lams and Cane Break Rattle snake skins very professionally done...
  4. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    These grips have never been put on a bow. They go on with the two sided tape. I got these off of a buddy for doing some work on his bow and I could use the extra cash for other things right now. $40 TYD OBO for the grips and teh sling
  5. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Yesterday as we were planting our last food plot I was going to pull a rotting stump out of the middle of it with the winch. As I am almost to the stump this is what was there protecting its territory. Due to the fact there were small kids there and about 5 other guys that were going to be...
1-5 of 5 Results