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razor edge

  1. 2012 LH Diamond Razor Edge

    Women's and Youth Bows
    2012 Diamond Razor Edge. Has all of the RAK accessories that come with the bow plus a limbsaver stabilizer, d loop, kisser button, and peep w/tube. Also have 5 gold tip xt hunters 3555 @ 22 inches. Bow is set at 22 inch draw length and roughly 35-40 lb draw weight. Bow is very adjustable...
  2. Diamond Razor Edge

    Hunting Bows
    Draw Length- 19-29" Draw Weight - 30-60 pounds 31 ATA 7" Brace Height Comes with everything pictured: Bowtech RAK sight; Octane Hostage Rest; Limbsaver x-coil stab; wrist sling; G5 meta peep. Great bow for the beginner or veteran archer at a GREAT VALUE!!! $235 TYD
  3. Diamond Razor Edge for sale with arrows and release (need to sell asap)

    Hunting Bows
    I have a diamond razor edge for sale with arrows cut to 28" and a tru fire release. It comes with 6 arrows and you get 12 field tips. The bow is like brand new, the only time it was used was in my back yard and it was only shot 5 times. This is the exact bow I have. Bow -$329 Arrows - $30...
  4. 2010 Razord Edge package bow

    Hunting Bows
    New 2010 Razor Edge Boondocks package bow for sale, last 1 left ...... Boondocks Accessory Package :3-Pin Fiber Optic Sight Hostage Capture Arrow Rest Black 4-Arrow 2-Piece Quiver Braided Wrist Sling Tube Peep Sight Only test fired a few times at shop. $309 shipped
  5. 2009 Diamond Razor Edge RH 30-60 black riser & digital pink limbs

    Women's and Youth Bows
    this bow is flawless! I purchased this bow for my girl and she shot it maybe 5 times and we split up. custom pink and black strings from M&M archery Fuse 3 pin sight Fuse stabilizer Tru ball release diamond 2 piece quiver soft case 500$ invested I will take 300$TYD via paypal or postal money...
  6. 2009 barely used Diamond Razor Edge, 30-60lb, 19-29" draw

    Hunting Bows
    Selling this lightweight and nimble RH Diamond Razor Edge in gray hardwood camo. will set draw length before shipping out. Bow is already tuned and it is a super accurate, no-non-sense hunting bow. ATA is only 31 inches. $270
  7. 2009 barely used Camo RH Diamond Razor Edge 30-60lb, 19-29" change without bow press

    Women's and Youth Bows
    2009 barely used Camo RH Diamond Razor Edge 30-60lb, 19-29" change without bow press We just got this bow for about a month ago but my daughter wants a pink Diamond Razor Edge instead of a gray hardwood camo bow. So it is off for sale at $270 TYD, bow only + bow sling, two peep sight, one for...
  8. WTB Pink Razor Edge 15-29lb RH

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Any one have a bow like this and wants to sell it, please let me know. Lisa
  9. setup for Diamond Razor edge bow for my kid

    General Archery Discussion
    I am 90% sure I am going to get my kid the Razor Edge for this year. I wanted to know if any of you out there have any opinions or experiance with this bow. Would like any feedback from you all for what you may have found to work best with this bow. Dont have a lot of time to get it setup before...
  10. 2009 Diamond Razor Edge

    Women's and Youth Bows
    2009 Diamond RazorEdge RIGHT HAND 30-60# Model 19" to 29" draw package includes; * 3-Pin Fiber Optic Sight * Hostage Capture Arrow Rest * True fire release * Braided Wrist Sling * Peep Sight *6 Easton power flight arrows 4 brand new this is my sons bow and is 2 months old. I have been with...