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  1. Finger Shooting
    After some thought, I decided to give instinctive archery a try. I went to my local archery shop, told them what I was wanting, tried a few out and decided on an SF-Archery riser with Greatree limbs since it seemed to be suitable for what I wanted, and wasn't breaking the bank. Fast forward...
  2. Traditional Archery
    I just bought my first adult bow, a used bow from eBay, and it looked fine. Nice blond and dark wood recurve, 45#@28" with string. Tested the weight, and it felt like a 45# bow to me, was able to draw it fine. I was practicing my draw every day, pulling to full draw and letting it back to rest...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    Hi, I've always wanted to get into target archery, and recently I've taken some steps toward that end. I made a wonderful find of an old wooden Bear Grizzly recurve (AMO 58", 50 lb. draw) at a pawn shop complete in an old wooden case and with a few extra throw ins (arrow holders, stringer, arm...
1-3 of 3 Results