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  1. General Archery Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding release aids. I currently shoot a Scott Talon index release aid and have started forming target panic. I tend to slap the trigger and I am getting very frustrated. I never use to have to this problem till I started worrying about my technique. I...
  2. General Archery Discussion
    We are doing a branding research project for an archery manufacture and would appreciate your help with this poll. PLEASE DON'T GUESS, IF YOU DON'T KNOW, PLEASE SELECT "I DON'T KNOW" The question is: Whose brand does this image represent?
  3. General Archery Discussion
    I have been using a Carter Quickie since 2008 and have had ZERO issues with it. I bought a Carter First Choice the other day and like it as well. I was shooting a friends pull through back tension release last night for target shooting. Just wondering what others are shooting and their...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    I haven't shot a bow in thirty years and currently have a 2015 Hoyt Charger on order (50# to 60#). I've never shot with a release aid, but am told; don't go cheap. Should I purchase the Copper John Stanislawski Just Xclusive Release (Three Finger), Medium? Also which Easton arrow for target...
  5. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    im thinking about buying a release. I like the ones that strap to your wrist. I don't wanna pay to much so what do ya recommend?
  6. Maple Leaf Classified Ads
    I have the following BARE SHAFT arrows available for sale. All shafts are brand new and still plastic wrapped unless otherwise noted. All items located in Belleville, ON - Can ship at buyer's expense. I can also custom fletch and accessorize for a bit more as well. 3 - Dozen Gold Tip Pro...
  7. General Archery Discussion
    Hi AT Crew, Need some detail advise on wrist style release (I shot hand-held release but I prefer wrist release) Been shooting for a year (from longbow to recurve to compound). Recently got a Spot Hogg - Wise Guy, love every bit of this release, I shoot a Hoyt charger myself. After two months...
1-7 of 34 Results