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repair kits

  1. Every bow owner should add one of these to their maintenance kits

    General Archery Discussion
    Well, almost any bow owner as there are two pre-requisites. 1.) Compound bow. 2.) Draw stop style with a rubber dampening band. (This probably also works great for the ones with harder plastic too.) Get a $5 slingshot tubing / pocket replacement kit from the hardware store. (Cutting...
  2. In need of a high quality repair for not alot of $$$?

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    HI, im George VerHaagh owner of 3-D Country Inc Target Master. you might have seen me at the IBO or ASA shoots repairing and selling my target material. Here at 3-D Country Inc, we sell an Individual, Club, and Starter Kit. All the kits that we have created are made to outlast the original...