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  1. Bowtech Fuel Replacement Cam.

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey there, So my friend dry fired my bowtech fuel. (my fault, should've warned him before hand.). The string came off the top cam and bent a bit of it too so I need to try get a replacement cam for it. Is it possible to get one and where should I look for it? Also if anyone would know rough...
  2. New to archery, Found a bow but rusted screws. Need help finding replacements

    General Archery Discussion
    I am new to archery and a friend of mine took me bowfishing and just got hooked. I recently found a compound bow in my dad's storage closet(i think this one was gifted to him?) and saw that some of the screws were rusted and I wanted to replace them. I do not know what model/year it is. I tried...
  3. Martin Dyna-cam replacement

    Martin Archery Discussion
    The cam bearings in my 03 Martin Jaguar Magnum have gone bad. I called Martin hoping to order a new dyna-cam to fix my bow and was told by one of their representatives that all of their parts for their older bows were destroyed in the fire they had recently. I am hoping to find a third party...
  4. Covert CX-3 SL - stock replacement?

    Carbon Express Crossbow Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a stock replacement for my Carbon Express Covert CX-3 SL crossbow? Or any compatible stock replacements? I contacted CE but they don't sell individual components for their crossbows? Any help/information would be appreciated.
  5. custom finger tab replacement face?

    DIY Equipment
    Ok, so i have a worn out custom finger tab (got it along with some other stuff from one of my dads friends who shot recurve a long time ago [when the yamaha EX was made to give you an idea [yes, i also got the EX bow, case, stabilizer, etc) back on topic, ive been using the finger tab to shoot...
  6. PSE Nova limb needed, or to sell the rest of the bow.

    Hunting Bows
    I need a replacement limb for a 1998 PSE Nova LR, or to sell it as is if I get a reasonable offer. It's past the warranty period, and PSE does not have the 42 deflection limbs (= 70 lb) any more. It has the 646 limbs. 29" draw length 70 lbs peak wt 2939 cable tune 59.5 string length 420 max...
  7. Looking for pse mod replacement

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am trying to find a #6 or #7 mod for a PSE Baby G Force with what i believe to have the lightning cam. the cam has "LMR" stamped on the cam. The bow currently has a #8 mod and is set about a 28" draw and needing to get to a 26"-27" draw. If it came down to i would be willing to replace the cam...