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  1. PSE Archery Discussion
    I just purchased a EVL 32 yesterday, after setting it up and tying in my cable driven drop away rest I went outside to take a shot and bam! The cable guard/roller gaurd flew off and in the process I punched myself in the face with my thumb release and I’m now also the new owner off a few facial...
  2. Hoyt Technical Forum
  3. PSE Archery Discussion
    Hey Everyone. I'm having a hell of a time trying to smooth out the draw on my Evolve 35. While looking over the bow closely today I noticed that the roller guide has literally ground channels into the carbon rod. I loosened the set screws and turned the rod then put some wax on the rollers...
  4. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Im looking for ROLLER GUARD for Matthew Conquest Apex the older model or any compactible, it should have 3 dampener. PM or Text me at 609-380-9555. It should seemlike this pics
  5. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am looking for the COMPLETE roller assist bracket for a Mathews Z7. If any body has one or no where I can purchase one I would greatly appreciate it, and I thank you in advance.
  6. Accessories and General Hunting Items
    I have two bowturbos for sale. They do increase your speed. I shoot a Diamond Stud at 58 pounds with a hunting arrow at 273 fps. I bought them at Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo for 70 dollars a piece, but now I am getting a new bow with a roller guard already on it so I have no need for them. I...
  7. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    For Sale No trades 1 Conquest Apex Roller Guard $60.00 TYD This ordered NEW for a Matthew's Conquest Apex. We proudly Accept PayPal. Note: Ask as many questions prior to purchasing. All sales are final. Sold as Is.
1-7 of 7 Results