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  1. WTB Ross RS5 module

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking for a Ross RS5 module. I have RS3 and RS4L if a trade works...
  2. Used Ross CR334 make me an offer, Great Condition

    Hunting Bows
    If your thinking about starting Archery Hunting here's a great bow to start with. It was my first bow and I can't complain about anything with it. Don't waste your money buying a new bow unless your serious about hunting. Cant think of a price so make me an offer. No low balling.
  3. Ross Archery Crave DRT 33.5 and XD

    General Archery Discussion
  4. 2006 Ross CR331 - 30"/60#-70# - Relist

    Hunting Bows
    I have up for sale a 2006 Ross CR331 with 30" draw length and 60#-70# limbs. Bow comes with a deluxe whisker biscuit rest as shown. It is well used and could use a new string. Other than that, this bow is a real shooter and has killed several nice bucks. I know it still has a little mojo...
  5. G5 quest qs33 60-70# & g5 quiver 1 year old $300 obo (same as ross)

    Hunting Bows
    G5 quest qs33 compound bow 314 fps ibo speed, solo cam, 80% letoff, 4.1 lbs, 7 in brace height, 60-70lb draw, modular draw length adjustments from 26-30 inches, realtree ap camoflage. The same bow as the ross cardiac by ross archery. A little over a year old, shot very little. Great condition...
  6. WTT/WTS 2009 Ross Carnivore 34

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2009 Ross Carnivore 34 bow I would like to sell or trade. It is set at 29/70 currently but is adjustable from 25 to 31. It is just the bare bow. I swapped accessories over to my new bow. This is the easiest, smoothest drawing bow I have ever shot and is reasonably fast at 318-322fps. I...
  7. Who has Ross bows?

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey, post the pics of your Ross bows! I'll start! My Cardiac:
  8. Ross Cardiac!

    General Archery Discussion
    How do you guys like this bow?