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ross bows

  1. Ross crave 2011

    Hunting Bows
    29 in draw, 70lb qad rest, limb saver sight and winners choice string. and ill thro in cabelas 340 arrows. Good shooting Bow bought new only a few weeks ago. Never hunted with. Left over 2011 model. same bow as the drt model except for limb savers in riser. And no 1/2 in draw. 450$ for...
  2. 2009 Ross Cardiac 34 $400.00 OBO

    Hunting Bows
    [B][B] Bow is currently set up & ready to hunt at 30-32 inch draw has 71 lb draw weight. Bow draw length is adjustable by 3 screws on Mod. Asking $400.00 or best offer. Bow includes Copper John Dead Nuts 2 5 pin sight with light, 5" shock blocker stabilizer, Alpine Archery fall away arrow...
  3. Who has Ross bows?

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey, post the pics of your Ross bows! I'll start! My Cardiac: