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  1. Run and Gun (?bow?) for turkeys

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    I am trying to break into chasing turkeys with my bow. In truth, I am starting into turkey hunting period. Does anyone run and gun style hunt for turkeys with a bow? I can see sit and wait in a dark blind to conceal the draw but how are you doing it run and gun style? Where is your bow when...
  2. Best Climbing Sticks for Run and Gun

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to switch away from a climber to a hang-on/stick combo. I've already settled on the XOP Air Raid for the stand but i'm not settled on a set of sticks. The brands i've looked at are: XOP Sticks - these seem like the easiest to carry and they attach easily to the...
  3. Packing Hawk Sticks and Stand

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I just purchase a Hawk Helium XL with 4 Hawk Helium Climbing sticks and was wondering what is the best way to pack them all together for a run and gun setup. Specifically I am trying to figure out how to pack the sticks together and attach it to my stand. If anyone had any pics of their setup...
  4. turkey reaping

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    Just curious if any of y'all are turkey reaping (stalking toms with tail fans)? Do you use a fan mounted to a stake or directly mount it to your bow? Also looking for ideas on different attachment styles.
  5. Turkey Nightmare

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    Hey guys, I would like to introduce you to our turkey nightmare hunting system. The system is built around our Advanish Camo Hunting Blind which mounts on your bow or shotgun. There are three key elements of the turkey nightmare hunting system: a three legged stool to remain comfortable and...