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  1. Maple Leaf Classified Ads
    For Sale hoyt RX-1 RH 27-30" draw, 60-70lbs. New Abb strings. Located in Cranbrook BC. $950. Bare bow only.
  2. General Archery Discussion
    Just looking to get some opinions here. Been pondering the idea of a longer ATA bow for this year. Will be parting way with my Hoyt Nitrux (31.5 ATA). Currently eyeing up either a Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34 or an RX-1. Is there really much difference between them? Any considerations I should be...
  3. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here and just love the Hoyt section! Kudos! Started to shoot bows in 1992 (yet only for about 8 years) and the first bow I really fell in love with was a Hoyt yet I couldn't afford it with the age of 16. Fast forward 20 years later, just started again shooting with my...
1-3 of 65 Results