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  1. Sony s600 and s40 Homebrew Trail Cams

    Optics and Electronics
    Making space for new builds I'm starting, so these have to go. The first cam is a Fast Hacked Sony s600 in a Pelican 1020 case, SSII with Fast Hack Add-on Board (makes the cam faster/quieter), Black HPWA, Security Pipe, 2AA External Battery Holder, 3d tree bark texture painted/clear coated, and...
  2. First home brew attempt- mostly failed

    Game Cameras
    I attempted my first hack today of the s40. Long story short it didn't work so I watched the trouble shooting videos. The camera doesn't turn on when I put the two wire together and the screen doesnt come out at all and it doesn't even make clicking sound. Now it might just be the camera. I bout...
  3. s40 - yeti fast hack - 2 D externals - 1040 case

    Game Cameras
    I finished up 3 of these just about a week ago and couldn't be happier with how they turned out and how well they work. I'll post trail pictures in a minute...
  4. s40 and Yeti Kit on Ebay

    Game Cameras
    FYI: I found a Yeti kit with a s40 camera on ebay. Auction ends Jan 20 at 16:26 PST. Starting price is $110.00. No bidders yet. From Auction: "Yeti trailcam kit for Sony S-40 camera. The camera is included and in working condition. The kit is not built and will need to put together with...
  5. Who has homebrews with a sony p32

    Game Cameras
    How does the p32 do for homebrews and is the hack similar to the s40? Could someone put some pics up taken by the p32?