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  1. Pair of New S600 Homebrew Builds

    Optics and Electronics
    I posted one of these a while back, but decided to keep it. Now I'm just looking to get rid of a couple cams as I'm doing some spring cleaning and have more cams than I need. Both of these builds are new and have only been used in my yard this past winter. Both cams will need control board and...
  2. Sony s600 and s40 Homebrew Trail Cams

    Optics and Electronics
    Making space for new builds I'm starting, so these have to go. The first cam is a Fast Hacked Sony s600 in a Pelican 1020 case, SSII with Fast Hack Add-on Board (makes the cam faster/quieter), Black HPWA, Security Pipe, 2AA External Battery Holder, 3d tree bark texture painted/clear coated, and...
  3. Like new Fast Hack S600 and W55 Homebrew Trail Camera Builds

    Optics and Electronics
    I'm selling these cams to make room for some new builds I just finished. I have more cams than I need, so a couple have to go. I'd like to get $135 each, or I would sell both for $245. The first is a Sony w55 in a Pelican 1020 case with security pipe, 6AA battery holder, SSII control board...
  4. Homebrew cleanout s600 p41

    Optics and Electronics
    Here's what I have: S600 with Yeti board in walmart case P41 with Simple Sniper in walmart case (see issues below) P41 camera only (see issues below) Yeti board for S600 in Pelican case (no camera) Assorted memory cards (2-512 MB Memory Stick Pro and 2-512 MB Pro Duo) The S600 is working...
  5. WTS S600 Homebrew Trail Camera

    Optics and Electronics
    I have for sale a hombrew camera with a Sony S600 and SSS board. It has external camera batteries and eye bolts to strap it. Takes very good pics, I just have to many cameras and don't use this one much anymore. Asking $140 tyd Paypal add 3% or postal money order. If you have any questions...
  6. First home brew attempt- mostly failed

    Game Cameras
    I attempted my first hack today of the s40. Long story short it didn't work so I watched the trouble shooting videos. The camera doesn't turn on when I put the two wire together and the screen doesnt come out at all and it doesn't even make clicking sound. Now it might just be the camera. I bout...
  7. S600 Capacitor

    Game Cameras
    I just got in my s600 in. How do I drain the capacitor on the s600? Or do I need to drain it in order to do the hack?
  8. DIY trail cam home brew

    Game Cameras
    I'm trying to build my first trail cam or game cam home brew. Based on my research and experience I would like to use the s600. My uncle has a s600 home brew that he bought that is awesome. Anyways, I have seen the videos for the hacks and how to build but I haven't found thread that talks about...
  9. WTB Sony S600 digital camera

    Optics and Electronics
    Looking to make a trail cam and want to use a S600. Doesn't need to be in great shape as long as everything works :darkbeer: Pm me if you have one for sale around $70-$80 or so :wink: