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scent control

  1. Scent Eliminating Clothing Storage

    General Archery Discussion
    Does anyone own and/or know of a scent eliminating storage closet to hang my hunting clothing in the off season? I found this on Cabela's website, but they seem to be sold out. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Log 6 ozone generator

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Looking for a Log 6 Ozone Generator. I have been searching for one for months and have not come across any for sale. Please let me know if you have one! Thanks
  3. *** Log6 Ozone Generator - Used only 3 times ***

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    Ozone Generator! You cannot buy these anymore anywhere, in HIGH demand. Only used 3 times, works perfect. $80 tyd. Would consider trading towards cost of new arrows. Looking for the VAP Hunters 400's.
  4. Ozonics HR100-$200

    Optics and Electronics
    Ozonics HR100-$200 TYD USPS insured This unit is 2 1/2 years old, but works great. I do alot of filming and the additional weight is sometimes a hinderence. Because of that this unit has been used very sparingly. These things work great and also double as a way to clean your clothes. PayPal...
  5. TruCarbon Scent Eliminator - 3 for $25 TYD

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    I have three new bottles of this stuff. Went crazy and bought a whole lot of it and realized I don't need 10 bottles. $25 for the lot of three, TYD. More info on the product here: . Paypal gift would work.
  6. Under Armor Capture Fleece Top and Bottom

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Want to sell my Under Armor Capture Top and Bottom. Both were used less then 10 times last season and are in great condition. The top is XL and the bottoms are 34 waist and 34 long. Asking 100 for each
  7. Looking for scent control clothes

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Looking for tops (Large-XLarge) and bottoms (sz 38 or Large) for early season wear. Light to mid-weight would work. Doesn't need to be Scent Blocker or ScentLok, but I want something in decent shape. Not looking to give an arm and a leg but a fair price. Message me or email at [email protected]
  8. Scent Elimination

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Thinking about trying a new scent eliminator this year. Though from what I read, I understand that there is no such thing as am eliminator. Ive been using Dead Down Wind with good success but I dont like a lot of the things that Ive read about it. Primos's new Control Freak sounds up to the...
  9. HIS & HERS SCENT SUPPRESSION!!! Now Available

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    New line of scent suppression for guys and girls! With a formula that attacks human bacteria that causes odor it helps you fool your prey! With ingredients to keep your skin from drying out from extended use during the hunting season. Also with a special scent free conditioner for the female...
  10. WTS! Like NEW Scent Lok Full Season Jacket, Pants, and Headcover.

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    I have for sale Scent Lok full season Jacket, pants, and the ultimate stow it head cover. I have worn this items 2 times! They are brand NEW. Just bought right before the end of season. Also these have never been washed and only activated in the dryer twice. Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity...
  11. SLAY Odor Neutralizer by Sportsman Scent Solutions Inc.

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    ATTENTION HUNTERS: If you're serious about human scent control, then try out these GREAT new products that just hit the market!!! CHECK THEM OUT AT: Lots of hunters are having great success using these products. You can too!
  12. Smelly Clothes Washer!

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I'm trying to prepare for the 2011 season. This requires me to wash the hunting clothes, but my wife uses this spring flower fresh that stinks up the clothes washing machine. (I still love you, honey. ;-)) **All of you who don't believe in being scent free can stop reading this right now and...
  13. Seemz Technology is searching for 2011 Field Staff

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    We have a few openings for our 2011 Field Staff. Go to for more information.
  14. Scent Blocker Dream Season Suit MOBU 125 tyd, Cabelas Wind Shear Pants AP 25tyd

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Scent Blocker Dream Season Suit MOBU Jacket- XL Pants- L Used one season, worn approx 5 times. excellent condition! 125 tyd for the set or 70tyd individually Cabelas Wind Shear Pants AP size 38 regular Used one season, worn 3 times 25tyd pm with offers or questions! nate
  15. Scent Control issues......

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I have used HS Scent-a-way detergent and soap/sprays for as long as I can remeber and have been very satisfied with the results. However this past weekend I ran out of spray and used my brothers Scent Killer spray before heading to the stand saturday morning. Of the six does that walked...
  16. White Water Outdoors Scent Supprescent Carbon Suit

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    WHITEWATER OUTDOORS SCENT SUPPRESCENT SUIT LARGE / Wind Stopper - Real Tree Advantage-- made in USA rarely used in great condition. Archery Jacket is zipper W/2 zip pockets. Pants are pull-string-waist no pockets. $110.00 ALL TYD PAayPal Preferred
  17. Early season success caught on tape....

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    This video was taped in 5C - PA early archery for doe. Hope you guys enjoy! Taping myself - she came out while I was holding the camera and the bow was hanging on the hook. But, she hung out in range just a bit too long....
  18. Scent Lok Savanna Size Large

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    I have a Scent Lok Savanna set in Mossy Oak Break Up for sale. It is a jacket and a pair of pants. Both are new without tags and size large. I would like to get $135 for the set. Thanks
  19. Waders, hippers, high boots for whitetail hunting/

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Guys, I am a fairly novice hunter. Last winter in Missouri it rained nearly all season. Little drainage ditches became streams, streams became creeks, fields were a foot deep in mud and standing water. I wanted to know if any of you use waders, hip boots, or just high rubber boots when bow...
  20. Cheap way to store scent blocker gear

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I was thinking of storing my scent blocker suit, in a rubbermaid container with a box of baking soda in it, to absorb odors and keep the gear odorless. Would it be a good idea or harmful? It is kind of a weird idea but I was thinking of using that instead of buying a scent blocker bag. Other...