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  1. Raptor Archery, Yew Flatbow w snakeskin

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    A beautiful selfbow in the most perfect piece of pacific yew by Ted Fry at Raptor Archery. Backed with rattlesnakeskin. Antler nocks. Leather wrapped grip. Small piece of arrowshelf that can be switched easily if needed by left handed shooter. Good shooter and a joy to look at. I bought it as I...
  2. Hickory stave advice needed

    Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum
    I have long wanted to attempt traditional bow making. Today I took a step in that direction with some Hickory. My question is on the possibility for the wood that I have, I need to further split the logs that I have down and seal the ends. The main reason I am posting is to ask whether the...
  3. Lightweight Acme longbow by Jeremiah Rutherford RH/LH

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    This is a very nice all-hickory Acme flatbow made by Jeremiah Rutherford of Gila bows. It was originally 68" 30# @28" but measures now around 27-28# depending on the weather. Takedown. No arrow shelf so can be shot either RH or LH. Has shot 500 arrows at the most. Nice starter bow for someone...
  4. 1/8" Selfbow Backing

    Traditional Archery
    I overtillered a hickory bow and need to add poundage to it. I don't want to use sinew, glass, or rawhide, but can't find 1/8" hickory or oak online. Do any bowyers have links to stores which sell this?
  5. Hand Carved Yew Longbow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I have a yew longbow for sale. It's 77.75" tip to tip, with a 28" maximum draw-length. The draw-weight is about 37 pounds. Horn nocks, bare handle (so it can be either right or left handed), natural oil finish. $595, which is a savings of just over $100, plus shipping. It's listed on ebay as...
  6. Dogwood Growth Ring for the Back

    Traditional Archery
    Hello! This is my first post here. Please forgive me if this question has been answered elsewhere. I did a quick search for "Dogwood" and was a little overwhelmed by the number of results . . . I've just broken my first build attempt by over-tillering a short White Oak bow! HA! I learned a lot...
  7. Two self-bows - Tiller advice needed

    Traditional Archery
    Good morning everyone, I have two self-bows that I'd like tiller advice on! Im pretty new to self-bows so all critiques, positive or negative, will be heard and utilized. I greatly admire the work of the experienced bowyers on these forums and your advice is appreciated more than you know! I...
  8. now building selfbows to sale priced only 120-140$!

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    decided to turn a hobby into a weekend business, I build custom wooden selfbows anywhere from 25-60# prices starting at only 120-140$ lil add ons like leather wrapped grips ($8) dark stain ($6) and currently in the works with snakeskin backings ($60) if you're interested interested shoot me any...
  9. Brand New Yew Longbow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I have a yew longbow for sale. It's 77.75" tip to tip, with a 28" maximum draw-length. The draw-weight is about 37 pounds, but I haven't shot with it at 28", so it might get a little lighter with use. Horn nocks, bare handle (so it can be either right or left handed), natural oil finish. $580...
  10. Self Pacific Yew English longbow RH/LH 72" [email protected]

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    See link for album: Offering for sale my pacific yew self English longbow. 72" long, draws 64# @ 28". Cow horn nocks. New fastflight string. This is a sapwood/self backed yew selfbow. Leather laced grip with RH...
  11. my first homemade bow. Hickory self bow.

    DIY Equipment
    I have been working on this since march from a 10" diameter hickory tree using only hand tools. It's not perfect and I know where my mistakes were, but its my first one and it shoots pretty good. It's 70" nock to nock, and about 55 lbs at 28", I will know for sure when I take it down to the...
  12. Osage or Hickory Stave Help..

    DIY Equipment
    I am planning to build my first selfbow for my daughters.. Never tried ... Anyone willing to ship a couple 60+ inch strait staves to me in Hawaii?? Osage, Hickory, whatever.. Pm me if interested.. I can send a money order..
  13. old English Style help!!

    History Talk
    Hello, Im a bonified rookie bowyer, I have made three english style selfbows and have had moderate success. They lasted for quite a while but I need help with strength. I want them to be historically accurate but also long lasting. I have read a lot about backings and about wood types. I have...
  14. Novice Bowter's Bow Swap

    Traditional Archery
    Ok, so I have built a few wood bows and love it, however I do not quite feel qualified to swap with some of these really experienced builders. Here’s the idea any of you novice bow builders that feel like you make quality bows but just don't quite feel comfortable trading with these guys; Lets...
  15. 50# draw for a longbow beginner?

    General Archery Discussion
    I was given a hickory longbow with a 50# draw. Is this too much for me. I am 33 and alas I am only 5'5". Short Lady with a 60in longbow. Any advice is greatly appreciated.:o
  16. Osage Selfbow just off the form

    Traditional Archery
    Here is my 6th bow fresh off the form tonight, 66" tip to tip, 2"long handle, 1" at the fade, 3/4" at midlimb. What ya'll think? Boudreaux