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  1. PSE Sequoia Longbow - LH - 55# @28"

    Left Hand Traditional Bows
    Lightly used PSE Sequoia Longbow. I have had it for 8 years but haven't shot it much due to some shoulder injuries. It's not doing anyone any good sitting under my bed! Comes with flemish bow string and beaver fur silencers. Also comes with 11 Easton xx75 2018 arrows (6 are still uncut)...
  2. Leupold Spotting scope 15-45x60mm

    Optics and Electronics
    I have a practically brand new Leupold spotting scope for sale, it has the long eye relief and its specs are 15-45x60mm. It truly is a great scope, I have only used it on one hunting trip, but now I need to finance a scope for my rifle, so this is the first to go! It comes with the scope, the...
  3. PSE Heritage Sequoia Long Bow - RH

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I have a right hand PSE Heritage Sequoia long bow that Id like to sell. It is 68" in length & 55 #. It is just like brand new! Only shot a few times...traditional archery is just not for me. I also have 4 wooden arrows with broadheads that I'm including. $200 TYD. I will post pics soon! Please...
  4. Leupold Sequoia 15-45x60 Straight eye spotter.

    Optics and Electronics
    For sale is a Leupold Sequoia "green ring" 15-45x60 spotting scope for sale. I have had this spotting scope for about 3 years. Some small blemishes (green on green ring is wearing a little in a couple of places, the rubber coating at the end of the objective has a scratch/cut in it). Comes...