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  1. Shaft/Vane combo for VXR

    General Archery Discussion
    Just wanted to hear some thoughts on shaft/vane combo from VXR users. Trying to set up a great elk arrow. I shoot the 31.5" model at #65. My draw is set up at 27 1/2, but I think I need another inch or so for a proper fit. I know, I know. Every bow is different, yada, yada. Just trying to...
  2. Covid-19 bow and shine

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello All, During these times i constantly find myself browsing online and social media for things to occupy my time. I don't see enough bow setups. Target/3D/Hunting. What are you running? Pics, specs, details. My version of a show and shine! I will start: For target/3D, i have my...
  3. Triax Stone 60# 27" DL Loaded or Bare

    Hunting Bows
    Hey All, As the title says. $800 for loaded, $650 bare. MBG Ascent Verdict single pin, .0019, with 4" DoveTail - $160 if sold separate Red QAD HDX - $65 if sold separate 6" Bee Stinger - $30 if sold separate 3 arrow Tight Spot quiver. - $85 if sold separate. Will include bracket required to...
  4. In love w/ RX - but what RX-setup to start with?

    Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here and just love the Hoyt section! Kudos! Started to shoot bows in 1992 (yet only for about 8 years) and the first bow I really fell in love with was a Hoyt yet I couldn't afford it with the age of 16. Fast forward 20 years later, just started again shooting with my...
  5. 2016 black Halon X 50/28 Full setup or bare bow

    Target Bows
    Looking to sell my 2016 Halon X 50/28 in Black with blue accents, with setup if the price is right.(Literally you will have need of nothing) If I don't get the right offer than I will consider selling piece by piece. I'm looking for 1400 OBO not including shipping. Id also prefer someone in...
  6. Bee Stinger Primer Plus Stabilizer Setup

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale is my Bee stinger primer plus stabilizers 30", 15" & 12" (30oz of weight will be included with the bars). Also included is a bee stinger 10 degree quick detach mount as well as a Ktec quick detach sidebar mount. All stabilizers are in great shape, everything works as it should. Reason I...
  7. Triax Stabilizer Setups

    Mathews Archery Discussion
    Just wanted to check in with all of you and see how you have your triax stabilizers setup? What do you use? Weight? Front, Back?
  8. 2017 pse expression, white, dl 26-31.5, dw 60#, bb $750 tyd obo paypal +fees

    Target Bows
    I have a 2017 white pse expression for sale only. Not interested in trades. Bow is in excellent condition. Bow includes both 75%and 65% draw modules. I am asking for 750 tyd paypal plus fees bare bow. I will sell the whole target setup for $1250 tyd paypal +fees. Target setup includes the...
  9. For Sale ILF Package

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    I bought this setup last year and shot it the last two months of indoor. I have yet to use it this year, so I'm looking to sell it since it's sitting around. Fivics Platina Riser 25" with Shibuya rest and plunger W&W Rapido 28lb Medium limbs Fivics gear 2000 stabilizer system (25" and 15"...
  10. Novice with Bear Marshal

    Bear Archery Discussion
    I just began shooting a couple of months ago. I have a Bear Marshal RTH, but have changed out the components, I'm mostly interested in target shooting, but have still keep the components appropriate for hunting I think. I've really enjoyed the bow. Setup: 55 lb draw weight Spot Hogg Boss Hogg...
  11. 2014 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL Spiral Cam, CBE TEK Pro, Arc Tec, Shadow Stabolizer

    Target Bows
    2014 Hoyt Pro comp elite XL Spiral cam 29.5 inches XT 2000 Limbs Spiral Cam 29.5 draw 40 Axle to axle 7 5/8 Brace CBE Tek hybrid pro wit specialty archery scope (have CBE 3 pin scope available as well) Arc Tec cable slide Shadow Stabilizer (24" and 2 12" I think with custom weights) Specialty...
  12. Fuse Carbon Blade ES Setup

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale: (1) 30" Carbon Blade ES (2) 12" Carbon Blade ES (23) oz of weight (Painted black) (1) front disconnect 10 degree (off brand and is marked) (1) Shrewd adjustable v bar Looking to sell as a set for $270 PP TYD CONUS. Will also entertain trades on other stabilizer setups with a front...
  13. Hoyt Charger 40-50 RH Camo Setup - EXCELLENT!!!

    Hunting Bows
    Used Hoyt Charger in right-hand camo setup. Draw weight is adjustable from 40-50 lbs., ask for draw length as we can supply most lengths (cam is a CH2.1)! Excellent bow in AWESOME shape!!! 3-pin fixed fiber-optic sight with light, QAD hunter drop away rest, Fuse 4-arrow quiver, loop, kisser...
  14. Broken arrow... but I do not why

    General Archery Discussion
    Broken arrow... but I don't know why So, something strange happened today. I was on our field and I changed the setup of my bow for outdoor season Actually I have an old Bowtech 82nd Airborne with 54 lbs and 28" DL I changed nocking point, aligned accurately with the hole for the rest I setup...
  15. Recurve Setup Items (Including Riser/Limbs)

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    Hey there, I am looking to purchase several recurve items. I am looking specifically for: - Hoyt GPX RH (no fusion colors please, hopefully red/silver/blue anodized would be great. OR - Fivics X2 RH Titan riser -Shibuya Sight (not dual click std, pref carbon ultima or similar) - Short SF...
  16. Hoyt Nitrum #1cam Tune Problem?????

    General Archery Discussion
    I have a 2015 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo with #1 cam set at 26" dl 50-60 lb limbs maxed out at 64 lb Brace height & ata are dead on Do these sound right??? 26 lb holding weight I'm shooting a 380gn arrow at 280 fps Holding weight doesn't seem right
  17. Bare shaft tuning ??

    General Archery Discussion
    When bare shaft tuning. Does bare shaft arrow have to way the same as fletched arrow you are gonna be shooting.I have a dz arrows already fletched and I wanna cut fletching off one of them for bs tuning.
  18. Hoyt Nitrum Turbo #1 Cam Stabilizer????

    General Archery Discussion
    What stabilizer setups are everyone using with the Hoyt Nitrum Turbo #1 cam for hunting. Length and Weight??
  19. How to Upgrade

    F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    Hey folks, I'm a 16 year old trying to take up olympic archery. I've been shooting since I was 6, but have only moved up to Olympic-style archery for a year. Since I can't really afford coaching, I've been relying on the advice of friends and friends of friends who shoot on a national level. My...
  20. Best rest for a mission craze?

    General Archery Discussion
    My little sister is finally getting into bows and I have a set up laying around the house she can use. I'm just wondering since she's only 13 if I put a drop away on, whenever we have to change the dl will it change where the rest is tired into and not work? If it wouldn't work right what rest...