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  1. Traditional Archery
    Pros and Cons of shooting off the shelf vs a rest. Is a rest still traditional?
  2. Traditional Archery
    Got my first bow a few months ago. Started with set-up which included arrow rest. Happy with results but amazed how quickly the rest deteriorated (not poor quality, merely zealous daily practice). However, aside from having to purchase and install a new rest every 6-8 weeks, I'm curious how...
  3. DIY Equipment
    Hey guys I just thought I'd show you all my bow rack that I made last year in school for my Matthews HeliM. It has 4 different types of wood, poplar, pecan, pine, and cedar. It took me a couple weeks to build and stain/clear coat but I love the way it turned out. I would love to see any bow...
  4. Traditional Archery
    Hello all, I don't know the theory on where the arrow should be on the string. It's strange to me that the shelf is not right at the center at 50%. My question is, how high should I layer the pads? Should I use 3 pads so that it is level with what I think was the default placement for the...
  5. Traditional Archery
    Seeing how I am new and all, this may be old news to you guys. There may be some flaw to this that is obvious to everybody here that I just don't see. Actually, I'm pretty sure there must be or else it would be more popular... I was thinking about arrow rests and how close I could cut in to the...
  6. General Archery Discussion
    I shoot a takedown recurve off the shelf, and the bottom fletching becomes tattered after a few weeks. Is there any way I can reduce the damage without getting a rest?
1-7 of 7 Results