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side bars

  1. Bee Stinger 10 inch bars

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have a pair 10 inch Bee Stinger side bars excellent condition $50.00 for the pair TYD via Pay-Pal. Thanks and God Bless!!!!!
  2. For Sale Easton Contour Stabilizer Set

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    Easton Contour 33" front stabilizer and two 12" rear/side stabilizers. Includes protective covers and original packaging. Might as well be NIB. No weights are included (didn't come with any from Lancaster/Easton). $300 tyd.
  3. Carbofast Stabilizers

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have 4 used Carbofast stabilizers. They are next to new. Nothing wrong with them......just ordered 4 x 15" of these so that I could reduce the mass weight of my bow. On two of the 10 inch there is one small mark on the weights mounting bracket. They are very small and purely aesthetic. I would...
  4. Easton x10 side bars and easton adj. Vbar

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Here are a pair of easton x10 side bars and an easton adj. Vbar. Mint condition. Looking for 180 tyd (us lower 48) any questions pm me. Thanks for looking
  5. 12" Doinker Avancee v-bars

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    These are in great condition, few marks on the end weights and 1 small nick on one carbon rod. Doinker graphics are in great condition. 12" length, this is before the addition of weights. I got them on here but going a different route with my set-up. Asking $80.00 tyd (USPS postal money...
  6. Fuse VFR Carbon side bars (8" version w/weights)

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    These are in excellent condition. Fuse VFR Carbon side bars. Packaged said 8" but with the weights they are closer to 9" overall. Asking $75.00 for the pair. USPS postal money order only, I don't have paypal.
  7. Side Rods, V-Bar and Weights

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    All Doinker. 8" Side Rods- On one of the rods the doinker is threaded into the rod and cant get it out. Weights can still be put on beyond the doinker. One Very small scratch in one rod, tried to picture it but it didn't show up. 2 packs of 3 Stainless steel weights, 5.5oz Perfect condition...
  8. WTB Fuse Carbon Connexion Side bars.

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I want to buy a set of Fuse Carbon Connexion side bars. 10" or 12" is fine. Let me know! Brad