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  1. Archery Evaluations Forum
    Just received the Pro-X 12 mega pixel with 3" viewing screen, IR-8 8 megapixel with 2.5 viewing screen trail cams. Along with the SC-Z Spypoints bow mount and universal cam. One unique thing about this camera is that it is waterproof down to 30 feet. Also, very new to American Whitetail...
  2. Archery Evaluations Forum
    Just spoke to Sebastien at SpyPoint and I have the IR-8, X-Pro (12 MP with video and sound) solar panel, SC-Z9 bow mount/ waterproof camera and 12 volt battery coming in for field evaluations and write up. Will take some time but in a week or so check for my first thoughts of the...
21-22 of 23 Results