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  1. Paper tuning with side bar

    General Archery Discussion
    I’ve been doing my own tuning now for about a year. I’ve mostly learned from this website and YouTube, but today I discovered something that I haven’t been able to find any info on. I was bareshaft paper tuning a Mathews No Cam and Traverse and could not correct the left tear. I tried...
  2. For Sale Shrewd Onyx Stabilizers

    Target Bows
    Shrewd Onyx Bars. 26" font bar & 12" back bar. Great condition. $250 TYD. *weights not included
  3. Shrewd raid black 12 and 9 inch want to buy

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Cant find these damn things anywhere now and really loved them on my other bow pm me or reply or anything get hold of me looking for black raid 12 inch and 9 inch stabilizers
  4. Wind Dragon Stabilizers 30" & 15"

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Looking to sell my 30" and 15" wind dragon stabilizers. They are in great condition and are a really solid entry level setup. Looking to get 150 TYD for both.
  5. Stabilizers... Which one and why

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm sure this has been talked about a million times. But here it goes again. Stabilizers sound like a must, even though some say they do nothing. I am suiting up my new revolt. Need a stabilizer. Eyeing up the bee Stinger Sport Hunter extreme. Open to other ideas. Also should I get the 8'' or...
  6. AAE Advante - X Bars - 27" front and 12" back with mounts

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Bars are in Excellent Condition, 6oz of weights included, Retail cost is $410, will sell for $275, pictures to follow Gripper Single Mount : Gripper Single Mount Gripper Single Mount : Gripper "Quick 10" HOT RODZ - ADVANTE-X - LENGTH : 12" HOT RODZ - ADVANTE-X - LENGTH : 27"
  7. Bee Stinger Premiere Plus Stabilizers

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale are my bee stinger premiere plus stabilizers 30" & 12" along with 42oz of stainless weights. (20oz of 4oz stacks, 16oz of 1oz singles, and 6oz of 2oz doubles). Everything is in good condition. looking for $320 for everything or $220 for the stabilizers and $120 for the weights. I also...
  8. Shrewd 600 Light Series Stabilizers

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Shrewd 600 light stabs 28” and 14” with 9 1oz weights, quick disconnects and quick disconnect bow mounts $250
  9. Doinker fatty stabilizers for sale 110$ or possible trade

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    24" front bar and 12" back bar. Possible trade to a EDC knive. Knives i really like are: Ferrum forge mass drop falcon Zero tolerance 0562 or like models. Can possibly add cash for the right trade. Thanks Call or text 606 275 2970. Not sure if pic will upload so i can text pics...
  10. Mix of Archery Accessories

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    I have a mix of archery accessories that I no longer use. Everything is in good condition. I would like to sell everything together due to shipping costs. Items Include.... Magnus BowPod Holder TruGlow Bow Jack Bee Stinger Stabilizer Enhancer G5 Flat Diamond Broadhead Sharpner Easton Stiffy...
  11. Stabilizer suggestions and recommendations

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm considering a new stabilizer for my bow. I'm shooting a Bear Approach 28" draw length at about 55-60 lb draw weight. I'm looking for any input on what has worked, or not worked. I'm still relatively new to archery (only in my third year or so) and plan to practice a bit more, do some core...
  12. Shrewd Onyx 28” front bar and 10" back bar

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have a complete Shrewd Onyx stabilizer set in excellent condition, 28” front bar and 10" back bar. Also blue 8 deg front quick disconnect and single v-bar. NO TRADES. Asking $325 shipped TYD. ($450 retail) Only reason for selling is switching brands. PM IF INTERESTED. Thank you for viewing...
  13. Bee Stinger Primer Plus Stabilizer Setup

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale is my Bee stinger primer plus stabilizers 30", 15" & 12" (30oz of weight will be included with the bars). Also included is a bee stinger 10 degree quick detach mount as well as a Ktec quick detach sidebar mount. All stabilizers are in great shape, everything works as it should. Reason I...
  14. Doinker Stabilizers

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Doinker stabilizers , extra weights and sidebar mount. One 24 inches. One 8 inches. $100 OBO TYD!
  15. 30 inch 12 inch dead center bars brand new for sale or trade

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Brand new set. 30/12 dead center stabilizers. Set up an open bow and now im going a different route. For sale or trade. $110 tyd obo or trade for releases, arrows, or anything that catches my eye. Make offer worst i can say is no. Pm me if interested
  16. For Sale Win&Win WIAWIS S21 Stabilizer Set - NEW

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    Selling a brand new set of Win&Win WIAWIS S21 stabilizers. Long Rod 28" Side Rods 12" Extension 5" $410 not including shipping. (Buyers must choose their mailing service and pay the shipping price.)
  17. Hoyt GMX and MK XR Stabilizer Set

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    Hey guys, I've been looking for these things for a while, and I've decided to just create a thread on them. I'm looking for a 25" Hoyt GMX in black or blue. Even if you don't have one, if you have any suggestions on how to find one, it would be much appreciated. Same goes for the MK XR...
  18. Wind Dragon Pro Stabilizers (30"/12") Pair - like new - $60 TYD

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Bernie's Wind Dragon Pro stabilizer set - 30" and 12". Like new condition. 1/2" diameter and light - less than 7 oz for pair. No trades (sorry) and will only sell as pair. Asking 60 for pair.
  19. Beestinger MicroHex CounterSlide Reviews???

    General Archery Discussion
    Has anyone tried the new Microhex CounterSlide Stabilizers from Beestinger? I'm specifically interested in the 15inch. Any opinions on counter slide versus a front and back bar? Thanks!
  20. Infitec Crux Stabilizers, 30" and 12" plus weights, used

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale are two used Infitec Crux stabilizers, one is 30" and the other is 12". They are used but in good shape. The stabilizers include the original weights and dampeners I also have 6 one oz dead center weights, used but in good shape. They are the 1/4 x 20 thread. They fit the set...