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  1. For Sale: Stalker Stickbow Coyote Riser

    Hunting Bows
    Selling my Stalker Stickbow Coyote Riser for $175.00, thats shipped TYD (lower 48 only) via PayPal. South usually has stock limbs on his website for cheap or custom wood selection limbs will run you close to $400. This riser will accept his Static Recurve or Longbow limbs. Please visit my post...
  2. Once you go Trad, do you ever go back?

    General Archery Discussion
    Curious to know if once you go "Trad", do you ever go back to compound? I love love love love shooting my compound, esp this new Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo, but my mouth starts watering when I see folks slinging arrows out of stick bows, let alone hunting with them. I have been on the cusp for...
  3. Stickbow Broadheads for Deer Hunting

    Traditional Archery
    I recently ditched my compound for a traditional for deer hunting. I have always shot Muzzy 3-Blade Screw-Ins (#255) off my compounds. Was always happy with the penetration, cut and performance on contact. But I never got the tight groupings at the range that I had with field points. I have read...
  4. Shelf shooting and nock points. Whats really necessary?

    Traditional Archery
    Hey guys, I bought a samick sage like a year ago. Along with it I bought some bamboo traditional arrows from china that had feather fletching. A friend gave me a target, and other than that, thats glove or arm guard, not even a nock point on the bow. There is no bear hair or...
  5. Great Plains "Rio Bravo" 1 piece recurve

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I have a Great Plains "Rio Bravo" 60" Right Handed 55#@28" recurve for sale. I bought this bow new about 8 years ago. It's in great shape. I hardly ever shot it, hence the reason I am getting rid of it. I need some funds for the up and coming hunting season. I paid $550 for it, but I'll let...