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  1. CrossBow DIY Equipment
    I am building a PVC crossbow with a wooden stock. I am using a partially formed stock from a larger project that didn't work out, and I am planning on cutting it down to a smaller stock. The question I have is, what should the general relation be between the bolt length, the groove length and...
  2. CrossBow DIY Equipment
    Here's the new project for the next few months. I need to replace the stock on my Bowtech Strykeforce as the screw at the end of the stock is 1/4 inch from the end and causes the end to break off. This is the second stock I have put on this bow. So this time I am going to make one from either "A...
  3. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Wanted to share... Just tried adding a Limbsaver slip on (medium) recoil pad to the stock of my TenPoint GT Mag. Works GREAT! Gives me the "extra" I was looking for- to get in to the scope more quickly...
1-3 of 4 Results