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  1. Do Easton FMJ's bend?

    General Archery Discussion
    I have heard from a couple different sources that Easton FMJ arrows will bend after prolonged shooting in to targets and lose their straightness. Possibly due to the aluminum wrapping? Has anyone had any experience with this and is there any truth to it?
  2. If you purchased 1 DZ .0015 Select grade arrow shafts and one was wobbly........

    General Archery Discussion
    There is a thread about Carbon Tech arrows on here from back in 2006: In the article, there were multiple complaints about Carbon Tech customers ending up with ONE Wobbly...
  3. Delta Elite Archery Arrows Made in USA ?

    General Archery Discussion
    Saw Amazon ads about Delta Elite Archery's arrows and when I trace it to the company website and found out that they claim the arrows are made in USA. Is this true ? Also their straightness claim is +/- .001, yet the straightness tolerance spec. for the same product says +/- .009!! Anyone had...