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  1. A new string for my bow.

    Arrows & Strings
    I barely know anything about bow strings, so here I am, to ask a lot of questions :D First of all, I shoot with a olympic recurve bow. My string was a Stone Mountain D97 68" of 18 strands. It broke last week, so I had to use a borrowed different used string for a tournament yesterday, but thats...
  2. How many strands for recurve

    Arrows & Strings
    I have a 70" recurve at 38# I'm going to use BCY8125. How many strands should I use? or shoot me a link as to were I might find information on strings and strands.
  3. 2 loose strands on new strings

    Bow Tuning
    Heres a pic of 2 loose strands on the cable strings..... Should I worry? Brand new strings only had 2 shots from the bow shop just noticed the 2 loose strands when i got home heres a pic