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  1. Oneida Archery Discussion
    I am going to deer hunt with my Strike Eagle this year and I am reading online that you should only use expandable broadheads, such as the Rage broadhead, if your bow shoots over 270fps. I haven't had mine chronographed, but its a long draw set at 70lbs. Anyone have specs on how their Strike...
  2. Oneida Archery Discussion
    This is a strike eagle, early 90's. I see on some newer bows, such as the kestrel, there is a rubber hose (assuming) connecting the riser to the power cables. Is that what this is for? Where can I find this part for my bow? I am looking for anything to help dampen sound. My second guess is this...
  3. Oneida Archery Discussion
    I've thought about picking up an Aeroforce. I know they're about 10fps faster than the strike, but I'm not really concerned with that. They're almost the same bow, are there any real other upsides to the aeroforce?
  4. WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hi everyone, my name is Cal and ive recently bought a used Oneida StrikeEagle from a friend but it seems no one in the area is able to service them or even know much about them. I know that the draw length is too long and that i need parts that did not come with the bow in order to adjust it. I...
  5. Archery Evaluations Forum
    I found 2 Oneida bows that I am interested in ... an Eagle and a Strike Eagle ... Which bow is best? Both are about the same price... so I am seeking advice . thanks:)
1-5 of 5 Results