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  1. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    String and serving materials - $1000 OBO Cash, Paypal, or Venmo Additional string building tools and materials listed below. Selling everything for $3000 OBO.
  2. General Archery Discussion
    If anyone has serving specs for this bow, I would be super thankful:) Thanks Trevor
  3. DIY Equipment
    Hi guys, when building strings my process is stretch, twist, serve, done. I am wondering if anyone has tried stretching the string after serving again to help with the settling of the fibres, maybe it would help with shoot in time. Maybe it would just be a waste of time? Any thoughts are...
  4. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Homemade string jig. Made from the directions found in the thread "The Comprehensive DIY Compound Bow String/Cable Making Guide" $115, paypal. No trades please.
  5. F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    Hi, I'd like to build my first string for my 25" Win Win ATX with 36# Long limbs that I pull 43.7 Lbs OTF at my 28.75" draw. what is the best string material for me?...8190F ? How many strands should I use for max speed and still have forgiveness? Don't like creep. I figured on Halo servings...
  6. Arrows & Strings
    So I am wanting to create a spread sheet where I can put in my finished string length and it will calculate my post length and how many twists I need for that length. Does anyone have good calculations they have found for BCY X material they could share?
  7. Traditional Archery
    I am not new to bow string making as I have been doing it for more than 5 years now, but mostly, I make strings for Compounds. I had a customer come in to the store last night with a very nice stick bow asking if I could make a string for her. Of course I can make a string for her, this part...
  8. Archery Tools
    Like new condition. In Central Minnesota - $250 (plus shipping)
  9. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Little John Severing Winder for sale the latest generation winder works great. $500 TYD
  10. General Archery Discussion
    I have read the whole thread about pinstripe ing a string but no matter what I seem to do I can't get the stripe right I always end up with just one stripe on some parts and the stripe in the middle of the string where it can't be seen on others is there a jig or something other then the golf...
  11. Arrows & Strings
    I no longer have the free time to build strings anymore and have everything needed . EZ press electric Bow press, Little John Jig, BCY Material, Beiter Serving tool, D loop pliers, levels etc. make a reasonable offer over $2000 invested press alone is over $800 Email [email protected]
  12. Arrows & Strings
    Hello all, I need some advice to present to a local Boy Scouts troop, they came into my archery shop asking if I could demonstrate how to make a bow string. Being that I make strings I said sure thing! I would like to know if anyone knows of some natural materials that could be found in the...
  13. DIY Equipment
    Automan26 and I collaborated to bring you all this information. Hopefully it will inspire and help people to star making their own custom strings. There are a lot of guys who want to start building their own strings, but two things are holding them back: 1) They are reluctant to invest...
  14. Arrows & Strings
    I have an 09 Hoyt Katera that I made a set of strings for (learning everything from here) on a string jig that I got the plans for here and am having some issues. I got the set made and installed by a local bow shop and my peep is rotating like crazy. They added twists and removed twists from...
  15. Arrows & Strings
    Im gonna try to explain my string jig and string making process to you guys. First i will describe my jig. It is a 2 by 4 that is 96 inches long. There are two holes, just a little bit farther apart than my bow string is long. Then, about 6 inches towards the center from each one, and a coupke...
  16. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Hi all Archery Buffs :wink: I have for sale the following in Absolute GREAT Condition. 1. Lil Jon's String Jig with optional locking Stems. w/ all the accessories that are sent with the Jig. Used 6 times...ABOUT ?? 2. Outer Limits Serving winder and 2 dedicated Serving Jigs for it. "This puts...
  17. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I am selling my Jurassic String Jig. They retail for $90 and shipping. I am selling my set for $60 shipped to lower 48 United States. I layed-up several string sets and ended up making my own string jig to suit my needs. This is a great set to clamp to a section of uni-strut, square tubing...
  18. Arrows & Strings
    HI i have see that some of you guy are relaxing their string after streching. what does it make? :dontknow: thanks
  19. Arrows & Strings
    I just listed one of my Apple Serving Machines for sale on Ebay. Here is the auction number: 140472540148
  20. DIY Equipment
    I know I've told some people I would post some plans for a string I did. Follow the link below to the "Strings and Arrow" section of AT, I think it's post #3: ****String Jig****
1-20 of 21 Results