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  1. Arrows & Strings
    Recurve strings have relatively longer end loops and there are twists in the string caused by serving the end loop. Is it reasonable to use a arrow or a tube to push the twists toward the ends and 'lock' them in the end servings ( before twisting and burnishing the bundles together)? I remember...
  2. Bow Tuning
    Recently had local shop put a new string on my RX-3 and I have noticed that When at full draw the bow feels less “locked back” and has a strong feeling of wanting to creep/jump forward. Could there be an issue with string? I have also had to reposition my peep twice since install due to...
  3. PSE Archery Discussion
    So PSE redesigned their yoke system on their new bows to all be one string, I just purchased a used nxt 33 and started wondering if I’d be able to update that cable myself so I can get the tunable yoke system in there. Didn’t know if anyone has experience doing that or if it’d be worth looking into.
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Hey all. Looking at getting new string and cables put on my Bowtech Realm. The bow is about a year and half old at this point and I’m starting to get a lot of peep twist as well as fraying. I wax my string every other time I shoot (I typically shoot at least 20 arrows every time I shoot). So my...
  5. General Archery Discussion
    I've decided to make my own strings and cables and am quite confused regarding end of string/cables serving and center serving materials. Let me first say that I will be using BCY X-99 material (royal blue and fluorescent purple, heard that colours matter), at 28 strands. My bow is set up at 42...
  6. Arrows & Strings
    I want to "renovate" my Dad's old Browning Mirage SX. I don't know the string/cable length. Looking for help on this as well as someone I can order from on AT. thanks
  7. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Have a brand new set of Catfish Custom strings. Black and gunmetal with black servings. Asking $100 shipped and I cover PayPal fees Mathews CC-G modules 85% let off. Asking $35 shipped and I cover PayPal fees.
  8. General Archery Discussion
    So I was doing some close range shooting in my garage (2 yards) and my string fell off my cams. Everything felt ok up until I released. The string hit me in the arm really hard but other than that it seems like nothing broke that I can tell in the cams. The red cable slide flew off and I have...
  9. Traditional Archery
    Good evening, i have bought 1 year ago a Bear Archery Grizzly recurve bow 55lb, 58'' Amo lenght, 58'' Stringh lenght. I've shot thousands of arrows with it and today the string broke (1 of the two) the string was the standard one who came packed with the bow itslef, it was a Dacron Flemish Twist...
  10. Traditional Archery
    Does anyone know why horsebow strings have large loops at the end? It is very hard to find good replacement strings so I just wanted to buy a normal recurve string from someone like proline or ABB and get it in the right length. But if the big loops are very important then that wouldn't be a...
  11. General Archery Discussion
    Ordered a Hoyt RX4 in Elevated II a couple weeks ago. Will need to get new threads once I break in the factory strings...what colors or combos do you think look great or accentuate the Elevated II pattern? There's no green in Elevated II, so my typical flo green sets are probably not going to...
  12. General Archery Discussion
    I'm putting a new Buckslayer string on my Diamond Deploy. I'm keeping the same peep distance and D loop. All things equal, I don't think I'll have to recheck my sight tape. Is my logic correct?
  13. General Archery Discussion
    How much are you guys paying for a string install and a basic set up if you have your own strings and take them to shop for install?
  14. General Archery Discussion
    I have been away from archery for many years and looking to get back into it and I am in need of some advice/help. I bought a Mathews Feather-Light bow brand new many years ago and only shot it a couple of times when it was new. It was then stored in a hard case in my garage since then and has...
  15. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I have a brand new set of vapor trail strings/cables. Will trade for other gear or 50.00 TYD. Looking for a stab, camo, shooter jerseys, havoc broadheads etc. thanks
  16. Traditional Archery
    Hi everyone, I have some old bows that need identifying (Year/Make/Model/String Length). I then want to set some of them up to shoot, if at all possible. Any help is greatly appreciated, Pitfiend
  17. General Archery Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have some old bows that need identifying, and then setting up if at all possible... Any help is greatly appreciated, Pitfiend
  18. General Archery Discussion
    Hello, complete novice to archery here. So, I just bought a 56" wooden recurve bow at a thrift shop that didn't come with a string, has no markings indicating what string is needed or what the draw weight it is, and now need to know what (actual) length of string to get for it. I have a 50"...
  19. DIY Equipment
    Hello, I'm shopping for material for my first custom endless loop strings for olympic recurve. After testing some of my friend's srings, I have decided to try BCY mercury. I am not sure about the end loop serving though. I was thinking going for Angel Majesty for both center and loop serving...
  20. F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    My riser is an older Hoyt Eclipse and the string, ... came out of my toolbox, I think it's B50. Medium SF carbon/foam limbs. Hoyt's recommended BH is 21.5 to 23.5 cm with "standard limbs", which I am assuming means Hoyt limbs. I had a noticeable "tock" on release. So noticeable that I tried the...