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  1. Anyone ever have this happen on their bow/Mathews?

    General Archery Discussion
    Had this bow (Reezen 6.5) since I bought it back in 2009 and has thousands of arrow flung, both on the range and in the field. At the 3D range the other day tuning er up for the upcoming season and was still driving tacks. About 20 arrows in and BOOM! The string slipped off the anchor on the...
  2. Wtt trg 7

    Target Bows
    I have a TRG 7 in black 27.5 draw length 60# in great shape with new strings. Only thing is it hurts my shoulder to shoot these days and I cant shoot for long anymore with it. Looking for another good target bow but lighter, ideally looking for an elite victory 39 or 37, but I'm willing to...
  3. PSE Decree HD string and cable set

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Basically Brand new Pse decree HD string and cable set Made by BC Bowstrings $35 TYD OBO
  4. Lower Cam String rubbing issues

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey Guys, I got a new Bear Attitude, 60 lb model. When in the relaxed state, the string is approx 3/16 clearance from the lower cam. When pulling back, at approx. half way and to full draw, the string rubs on the cam. I sent it to the shop and they changed the lower axle pin but its exactly the...
  5. Best Value String and Cable Replacement

    General Archery Discussion
    I need to replace my string on my hoyt charger, the original string is showing some wear after 2 years. I am not a precision freak or competitive shooter, but a hunter that enjoys training and practicing for hunting season. I want the highest value string replacement, not the cheapest just...
  6. String Keeps Getting Longer After Each Use

    General Archery Discussion
    I recently replaced the string on my recurve bow. I was able to shoot thousands of arrows with the previous string. (Sniff) I miss that ol' string. Before each session, I would check and set my brace height by twisting accordingly. It was sometimes off an eighth of an inch, but other times it...
  7. String Outside The Limb Groove

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi. While working on a control exercise, I made an interesting observation I thought someone might know about. The exercise is simple: carefully set up my shot, aim, settle in to the shot, then don't take it. Slowly undraw the bow, unload the arrow. Rest. Repeat. It's after unloading the...
  8. Safe to shoot this string on this recurve?

    Traditional Archery
    So I recently got my hands on an old Bear Cub recurve. I ordered this string from amazon to try on it. What I didn't realize is how big the loops are on the string, they look like they're for a hungarian or chinese composite bow. This is what they look like on the limbs, and here's one of the...
  9. Rattling scorpyd spring loaded suppressors

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    I installed my spring loaded suppressors on my orion extreme 175 and these things are so loud. I can tap the end of the foot stirrup and i get a loud vibration/rattle in the suppressors. I also can tap the foot stirrup and touch both shafts that come out the front of suppressor that has rubber...
  10. Bcy string making system

    Archery Tools
    For sale - all together or separately complete string/cable building package tyd - $600 * - $1,146 lancaster price 1 - bcy yellowstone string making jig - $240 * - $470 lancaster price 6 - string serving tools - $10 each * - $17 lancaster price 10 - spools of bcy 8125 string material - $15...
  11. Grim Reaper Pro Series Broadheads

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Grim Reaper Broadheads came out with a new line of broadheads for 2016. There calling them pro series.They have new mechanical and fixed broadheads for 2016. I can't wait to try there new carni-four mechanical out. It has two 1.5" blades and two 1.25" blades (4blade). There 1.5" blades open...
  12. String related question

    Arrows & Strings
    Hi! I have a compound bow that i got last summer. i used it alot during the summer and a bit in autumn, but when it started to snow, i didnt use it. So now when warm weathers are coming back, i want to use it again but i dont know if i should use it before doing something to the string, cause...
  13. What's your most valued archery accessory???

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Mine would have to be my leather Wax Whacker and rubber arrow puller.This heats the string wax for deep penetration.
  14. Scorpyd Orion vs TP Carbon Nitro

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    I'm fixing to buy my first crossbow and I have narrowed it down between these two crossbows.I have been shooting compounds for 15+ years. I'm looking for a crossbow for hunting and target shooting.I want the Scorpyd 175,but I keep hearing a lot on serving separation problems with the Scorpyd.The...
  15. Serving question!

    Traditional Archery
    Hi all, I'm pretty new to archery, and recently I upgraded the string on my Samick Sage from B-50 to D-97(Actually, I ordered two new strings both D-97, one flemish twist and one endless). Now, my question is regarding the serving; in both strings, it seems to be very off center, and after I got...
  16. serving

    General Archery Discussion
    what kind of serving string is good for serving bows and what kind of string does everyone use for tying in peeps
  17. How to restring and put new cables on Browing Eclipse bow

    DIY Equipment
    A friend of mine's kid has an older Browning Eclipse Bow. They shoot so much they wore out the string and cables. They purchase new ones but didn't pay attention to how the old cables and string came off. Can any body help me with directions or pictures how to restring and cable this bow...
  18. String Issue While Installing Peep Sight

    Bow Tuning
    Hey Guys, I am Just New to Archery and Got a Hoyt Ignite. I made a Kinda Stupid Idea, I tried Installing a peep sight on the string without a press. Hence Fraying Happened as Shown in The Picture. I am currently in a place where it is Hard to find an archery shop, so i am all on my own and...
  19. Need a part for a Bear Whitetail Master

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I have a Bear Whitetail Master(1999-2000 model I believe), and I lost the part on the cam that holds the string. Can anyone help me find a part that will work? Thank you
  20. 8 Spools Brownell XS2 String Material

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I have 8 spools of Brownell XS2 string material for sale. These were 1/4 lb spools. Here are the total weights and colors: Royal Blue- 4.6 oz Fl. Pink- 4.6 oz Fl. Orange- 4.4 oz White- 5.3 oz Brown- 4.8 oz Black- 3.2 oz Red- 4.0 oz Grey-4.5 oz. Price is $165 TYD USPS Money Order only please-No...