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  1. *Broadhead Suggestions*

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hey Guys, Looking for some suggestions for broadheads. I'm looking at 2-blades with a bleeder blade of some sort and I need them in 150gr weights. Just looking to see what some guys might have experienced with certain brands? Here's a bit of what I have been looking at: - Iron Will V150 -...
  2. Tips/suggestions for a Golden Eagle Predator bow for bowfishing?

    Hello everyone. I'm a seasoned fisherman but a newbie to archery and decided to try bowfishing. I picked up a Golden Eagle Predator bow and wanted ask y'all if its a decent choice for a bowfishing rig. I plan on adding an AMS Retriever Pro to it. Not sure what arrow rest I should use though. Is...
  3. Firenock

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey All, Going to install firenocks soon and need to follow the instructions for having an airtight arrow (no air can escape arrow shaft due to HIT inserts). Any suggestions besides using an ink straw tube from a pen to install the extreme shock end cap? I did successfully install 2 of 3...
  4. Just getting into it - would like suggestions

    ArcheryTalk Women
    I'm Lindsay - I hunt public land in FL and would like to make things harder on myself :) This past year was my first season really getting into hunting again - my thing is fly fishing. I never hit hunting hard because I didn't want it to take away my fishing time, but I finally dove in and now...
  5. Looking for an upgrade

    General Archery Discussion
    I currently shoot a 2010 PSE x-force dream season UF @29"-70LB. This year I have gotten the money together and am looking for an upgrade. As of now I would just like suggestions on bows to try out as I will be shooting it before I buy it. What I am looking for is a smoother draw cycle than what...
  6. string suggestions?

    Arrows & Strings
    I own a pro comp elite and am looking to get new strings soon. I am a competitive target shooter and I would like the strings to be customizable. any preferences on strings? any strings that are bad or don't last very long?
  7. muzzy 3 blades or NAP thunderheads? any suggestions?

    General Archery Discussion
    Im having trouble picking inbetween these, witch one's would you recommend most ?
  8. Proper Draw Weight for 14 Years Old

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello!:) I'm getting my First Recurve Bow. Now the only problem is draw weight. It will be used for target practice and hunting. Keep in mind it's my first bow and i'm only, almost 15. I've heard everything from 15lb to 20lb to 30lb and I just don't know. I'm not as strong as a lot of others but...
  9. best bow suggestion

    General Archery Discussion
    My girlfriend keeps saying she wants a bow so I'm researching and want to get her one for Christmas. What are your suggestions for a women's bow that is not extremely expensive? I personally shoot Mathews bows but don't know what would be good for a woman with adjustable draw weight. Let me...
  10. Pro Archery Shop Needed - West Tennessee

    General Archery Discussion
    Is there a pro shop or someone you know who does great work in West Tennessee, preferably near Jackson Tn.? I just got started in this new addiction and have a lot to learn.
  11. New to Archery and would like some help! =)

    Traditional Archery
    Hello! I am new to archery and I just bought a take down recurve bow a couple days ago and I would like to buy a couple add-ons for it. One including a drop away arrow rest and a sight. I am primarily just do target shooting, but might expand my horizons in the future. Any suggestions or...
  12. Compatible niibbs for Easton x7 1714s

    F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    I will be upgrading my arrows soon due to getting new limbs and I'm not sure what type of nibbs/grs., is compatible with the arrows. I'm getting Easton x7 Eclipse 1714s cut at 27" with 4in. feathers installed.
  13. New to Target Archery

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm new to target competition. I recently started shooting ASA and some indoor. I'm currently trying to sell my 2012 Bowtech Insanity to get a target bow. I'm looking into something with a 7" or longer BH and greater that 35" ATA. What are something I should look for in a good target bow? And...
  14. Do-It-Yourself Antler Mounting Kits-Great Traditional Styles

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    These Do-It-Yourself Antler Mounting Kits are available at Classic styles to new and modern designs for Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope and Caribou Check us out
  15. What do you layer with for late season stand hunts?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Like the title says how do you guys layer for temps anywhere from say 20-35 degrees. Im having problems with bulkiness later into the season and also have been having problems finding a good windproof outer layer but Im pretty sure I have that part figured out, just need a good warm layer...
  16. "Wannabe" Archery

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hello Dear Users, I am a Brazilian who recently (today) bought a bow from (eBay). The prices here in my country are much overpriced and as I don't have any experience I wouldn't expend 150 USD for a 25# bow. As I got this one: for 100 USD (the seller told me it have 60#). Despite of that...
  17. Looking for a new 3-D bow. Suggestions?

    3D Archery
    I have been shooting for about 5 years, and I was recently introduced to competitive 3-D archery. I fell in love with it and would like to purchase a designated bow for competitions, so I don't have to change my primary rig. I am looking for a bow under $800, and a sight that will do the job and...
  18. New to Bowhunting, any Advice would be appreciated

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have gun hunted for a few seasons, but totally new to bow hunting. I have lots of friends that bow hunt and finally decided to buy a bow and dive in head first. I just bought my first bow last week (Mathews Drenalin, with a Mathews HD drop...
  19. AM 35 Stabilizer

    General Archery Discussion
    I have a Hoyt Alphamax 35 and am currently in the market for a stabilizer. It would be used for mostly bowhunting but i do ocassionally shoot 3d and target. I am looking for something 6-10 inches and in realtree apg so it matches the bow and looking to spend 35-50$ shipped on here from the...
  20. Need suggestion on ~$500 target compound bows

    General Archery Discussion
    First of all, I'm new on this forum... so, Hi guys!:shade: I've been shooting recurve (the recurve are not mine) for a year+ now and i want to change to compound. The reason is my progression is too slow on recurve and my age is getting older on the age limit for a major tournament in my...