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  1. Willamette Oregon hunting

    General Archery Discussion
    I've started getting into bow hunting, and have only hunted once before on someone's private property and the turkey I hunted belonged to him. I can't seem to find anywhere that gives the different game seasons on the odfw website (which looks like it's from 2004), and ive only ever heard of...
  2. Some questions

    Traditional Archery
    Hello! My name is Chris, I just signed up to ask a few questions, but first a little story. I've had a bow lying around for about 3 years, it was given to me for free at a market. Recently, I decided to finally do the necessary steps to making this a proper bow. It was strung backwards with a...
  3. Giving away FREE landowner hunting tags for 2014 season

    I want to let everyone know that is giving away four free landowner tags for the 2014 season. Didn't draw a tag for the 2014 season or wish you had another hunt this fall? is some good news. We are giving away free landowner tags. Promotion runs August 11th - September...
  4. manitoba crossbow hunting

    Crossbow Hunting and Showcases - Crossbow Forum
    ok so im planning a trip up to north manitoba and im very confused about the whitetail tags i just want to know when i can hunt with my crossbow and if i need different tags then centrefire tags
  5. Didn’t draw? We have the largest landowner tag selection in the West

    Services has archery landowner tags for sale that allow you to hunt this year in some great units in the West. Visit here to view our inventory in real time. You can filter our tags by state, species, weapon and price, and purchase instantly with a credit card. Here are some of our best...
  6. Michigan Elk Draw Now Open

    Just an FYI, Michigan Elk Drawing is now open. You can go to:
  7. Stupid PITA anti question..

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Has anyone ever considered that if the anti's were to set their minds and donated pocket books to work they could effectively prevent a hunt from taking place? All they got to do is take their donated funds and send an army of anti's down to fish and game to buy license and enter into the state...
  8. Important thread for hunting New Mexico

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    As many here on one of the nations largest hunting forums already are aware of, New Mexico's legislature is about to give back to New Mexico's residents, 90% of the tags to bring New Mexico in line with what is considered the normal tag allotment percentages for western states. Now with that...
  9. washington state reg questions

    i am going to move up into the tacoma area for work, so i have to leave my beloved idaho hunting behind, what is the residency times so i can hunt up there, idaho is 6 months for residency, if i cant get my residency by the time i get up thee i may be flying back to hunt home. any info would be...