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  1. General Archery Discussion
    Hey guys I built my first set of 27 diameter shafts (be magnums) at full length with 144 grains up the tear was just a little nock left. Thinking nock left means weak i cut the shaft to stiffen it but the left tear actually got worse. I then cut one down gain and again it got worse. So im just...
  2. Bow Tuning
    So i bought my first ever set of 27 diameter shafts, be magnum 300s. I used the inserts as i like the idea to find the right point weight that way rather than glue in points. I tried them first at full length with 100 point. Tear wasn't to bad but it was a little left. From what i have heard...
  3. F.I.T.A. Classified
    SHIBUYA ULTIMA CPX 520 Carbon sight: $225 absolutely amazing craftmanship! Never used HAMSEKA VersaRest: $125 with all component blade rests - Never used
  4. Arrows & Strings
    Hey all, looking for some input on a good starting point as to getting my new x27s as accurate as possible. I am a 30" draw shooting right around 50-55 lbs. and just curious on any tips you guys might have as far as shaft length and point weight combinations. I am thinking of starting off with...
1-4 of 78 Results