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  1. Prime Black 9 Long-Term Review + Video

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    I've been shooting the Prime Black 9 for months now and when comparing accuracy, draw cycle, and fit and finish you'd never know it costs $500 less than any other target bow I've been testing this year. My long-term review video is below. If you can't see the embedded video above, here is a...
  2. For Sale Mathews Halon X Comp 60# limbs

    Target Bows
    $550TYD Right hand Mathews halon x comp in very nice condition! The only Marks on the bow are a couple of Nicks on the top left limb. Has 60# limbs, dark purple strings, will come with a specialty archery peep, hda adjustable grip, and 3 sets of mods. The mods on the bow are H mods(28.5) draw...
  3. For Sale Bowtech Fanatic 2.0 - NEARLY NEW

    Target Bows
    Up for sale is a 2016 Bowtech Fanatic 2.0 This bow is in immaculate condition and like new condition. It has been shot only a few dozen times to set up accessories and has be a backup bow since. Draw Length: 24-29 Inches Speed: 308 fps Mass Weight: 4.7 lbs. Axle-to-Axle: 37.5" Brace Height...
  4. For Sale Prime Black 9 - For Sale

    Target Bows
    Right Hand, Prime Black 9, 60 lbs., in Boulder Grey Riser / Boulder Grey Limbs for sale for $950 shipped TYD. This bow is lightly used (maybe 300 shots into it) and unregistered. PayPal or CashApp payment only. PM for more info.
  5. For Sale Bowtech Reckoning 35

    Target Bows
    I have a newer Bowtech Reckoning 35 Black, Right hand, 60 pounds. It has a d-loop on it and had a rest and sight mounted on it and roughly 150 shots fired through it but no marking on it. Looking to sale only no trades! $900 OBO tyd (lower 48) buyer pays paypal fee's.
  6. For Sale Mathews Apex Conquest 7

    Target Bows
    Mathews Apex Conquest 7 New Pink and Grey Strings 23.5" Draw 50 Pound Limbs $325 TYD
  7. Hoyt Podium 37 Teal Blue

    Target Bows
    Great shape, haven't been shooting as much so it is time to make room on the rack. It was a conversion from spiral cams, so although they read 50-60 limbs, GTX cams bump it to be a 55-65 lb bow. #4 GTX cams with E mods at 75% let-off. What you see is what you get - bare bow only. I am sad to...
  8. Xpedition Perfection XL, Patriot Red, RH

    Target Bows
    For Sale: Xpedition Perfection XL, Bare Bow, Patriot Red, RH, 60 lbs, 29.5 Draw (T3/B3 mods) with Xpedition soft case Bow is like new, only time bow has been shot was when the pro shop set it up, I have not shot the bow since I purchased. Only mark on bow is where the pro shop previously...
  9. Does this seem fair? (Used target set up cost)

    General Archery Discussion
    All - I have been looking around at some local selling venues to find a quality used target rig. I am by no means new to archery, I have hunted for years with a bow; however I have never owned a target rig. I do realize that a target rig is a bit of a different beast. Can you tell me if...
  10. 2019 RH Prime CT5 Red Target Color

    Target Bows
    I have for sale a very well taken care of right handed 2019 Prime CT5 in the red target color finish. There is only one defect on the entire bow and that is where the rest mounted to the riser (shown in one of the photos). There is slight scuffing and a small burr where the lock down set screw...
  11. Blue Elite E35, 29" mods, 70#, Rogue R21 S

    Target Bows
    60-70# Right Hand 29" Mods( I have a gray set and a tan set) Great shape, usual rest mark from set screw Blue Riser/black limbs Bare bow only Used to be 60# short draw cams, but with regular cams they're 70#. Rogue R21 strings have very light use. Cams have paint chipping included in photos I...
  12. Elite Echelon 37 Compound Bow 60# - Bow ONLY

    Target Bows
    USED - Elite Echelon 37 Compound Bow (BOW ONLY) 60# Draw Weight 29.5" Draw Length (#4 mod) Included are the original Draw Stops and Cable Stops. GAS custom string and cables Great condition - light marks where the sight/rest/ stabilizer back-bar was mounted. $560 TYD PM me
  13. Hickory Creek Mini Vertical Crossbow and Elite Victory 37 Target/Hunting Bow

    Hunting Bows
    Purchased Hickory Creek Mini Vertical Crossbow this fall. Weighs less than 6 pounds. Shoots 300 spine arrows, not bolts. Draw weight adjustable from 100-150 lbs. 325 fps at 150 lbs. Includes 7 Victory arrows, cocking device (sled), Excalibur Deadzone scope, and new 30-06 coffin case. $600 plus...
  14. Elite Echelon 37 with 2 modules

    Target Bows
    Echelon 37 for sale! 50 - 60 pound limbs #9 module installed (27" draw length) Extra #6 modules included (28.5" draw length) 2 sets of cable stops (3 per set = 3 let off options) current set up has limb stops installed Factory string and cable Gray $ 400 tyd (Continental US only). Payment by...
  15. Elite Echelon 37 with extra mods and extra set of cable stops

    Target Bows
    Echelon 37 for sale! 50 - 60 pound limbs #9 module intalled (27" draw length) Extra #6 modules included (28.5" draw length) 2 sets of cable stops (3 per set = 3 let off options) current set up has limb stops installed Factory string and cable Gray $ 475 tyd (US only). Payment by Paypal...
  16. 40" Hoyt Prevail #3 SVX

    Target Bows
    40" Hoyt Prevail LIKE NEW Right Hand ~50-60# #3 SVX 29-30" All factory Modules and Grips included. New Strings Bare Bow. $725 TYD NO TRADES Lower 48 states
  17. PSE Predator Special Edition Target Bow - Another PSE Frankenbow/Hybrid?

    PSE Archery Discussion
    I just ran across a PSE that I didn't even know existed. Like the PSE SW Vectra sold by Sporportsmans Warehouse and the PSE DNA SP Western Hunter, sold by Jakes Archery, the PSE Predator Special Edition Target Bow sold by predator Archery caught me by surprise. The riser of the Predator Looks...
  18. 2019 Mathews TRX 7

    Target Bows
    $975 2019 Mathews TRX 7, RH, 60lbs, 29.5" draw length, 80% let off, side plates and regular grip included, rogue R21 string and cables. I set the bow up and shot for two days, but will be shooting another manufactures bow so the bow is for sale. Very few shots gone through.
  19. Prime CT9 Recon Gray

    Target Bows
    Prime CT9 in Recon Gray Excellent condition! 30.5” Cams 50-60lbs Bare bow and no trades. I have a perfect 150 feedbacks so rest assured it’s what I say it is! $750 TYD in the Continental US. PayPal is welcomed!
  20. Mathews TRG7 Right Hand 50-60lb 29.5" Target Bow and rest - $600 TYD

    Target Bows
    Excellent condition Mathews TRG7, right hand 50-60lb target bow. Maximum poundage is around 62lbs with current string/cable setup at 29.5" draw. The bow is timed with exact centre-set nocking points and D-loop installed, peep included, as well as the installed and timed Vaportrail micro elite...