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  1. Target Bows
    I have a Prime 39 MX one for sell at $350 tyd lower 48 Black axle to axle 39 it has B cams Brace height is 7" Draw weight is 50 -60 Draw length now is 28" I have other modules for 27.5", and 27" it has a few marks but its used.
  2. Target Bows
    I have a Prime 39 STX one for sell at $350 tyd lower 48 Ice Blue axle to axle 39 it has B cams Brace height is 7" Draw weight is 50 -60 Draw length now is 27" I have other modules for 27.5", and 28" it has a few marks but its used, string no more than 500 shots on it. Just contact me if you...
  3. Target Bows
    Bought box last year was going to shoot tournaments and covid hit so only fired it few times and its been sitting in my hunting room in the house every since. Bow is immaculate. Has brand new gas strings and hamskea Trinity rest. $1,000 tyd I can include the set of drinker stabilizers and the...
  4. Bowtech Archery Discussion
    Has anyone tried out the new bowtech specialist 2 ? Seems it has the new tuning technology and is moderatly priced as a first class target bow.
  5. ArcheryTalk Videos and Media Forum
    After months of testing and thousands of arrows shot, it's time for ArcheryTalk's 2019 Target Bow Shootout. This year's participants are the Prime Logic CT9, PSE Supra Focus, and Martin AXON 40. I would normally have Hoyt and Mathews target bows in as well, but neither came out with a new...
  6. Target Bows
    2018 Elite Echelon 39 Graphite Grey 30" mods 60-70 lb limbs $725 tyd paypal only, no trades no scratches on riser from wear or rest set screws, only slight marking where the sight and rest was mounted that should be covered when new sights and rest are mounted. (shown in pics) slight logo...
  7. Hunting Bows
    2016 Elite Impulse 34 60-70 lbs 30" draw mods Titanium anodized finish V Grip CBE Tek Hybrid Pro sight with .010 green single pin QAD HDX rest Bee Stinger Stabilizer Bow is in great condition, no set screw marks on riser from arrow rest, only one flaw in the riser finish and it came that way...
  8. Target Bows
    2016 v 39 60 pound limbs DL: 25.5 $400 OBO Barebow Sight and rest can be sold as well
  9. Hunting Bows
    2012 Strothers Moxie Full Setup 30/65 2012 Strothers Moxie, Black, Realtree Limbs with Green Accents,37.5" axle to axle,7.375" brace height, Full Setup, all you need is arrows. Strings are in great shape, always kept waxed. Great Shooter trying to downsize my bow collection. Great Shooter...
  10. Hunting Bows
    2015 Matthews No Cam HTR Limited Edition Lost Camo. 29 inch draw 60lbs. Red accents. Great Shape. Great shooting bow, just went with something else for this year. Strings and Cables are in good shape. No marks and never abused. $625 TYD, CONUS ONLY, NO TRADES, USPS Money Order or Paypal add 3.5%.
  11. 3D Archery
    I have a new target/3D bow and stabilizers. I know what the goal is with the stabilization and most parts of how to get there. I have read that you can hang your bow from the ceiling. I will probably going to try that but I am not sure where to hang the bow from. Riser? Limbs? Cams? I have no...
  12. Target Bows
    For sale: Like new Sure Loc 550 sight. Right hand 6" extension plus CR Apex target scope with 4x lens. 1.250 field of view. Christmas gift last year, not really what I need. $225.00 or best offer.
  13. Target Bows
    Mathews Apex 8 Black 60 pound limbs 28" draw Pink ABB Platinum Strings $300 TYD
  14. Mathews Archery Discussion
    They're here guys! Probably going to be putting an order in for a silver TRX8 in the next few days! What about y'all?
  15. Hunting Bows
    Bought this bow new. Bow hunted with it and shot it for while in the back yard. No flaws in finish except for rest set screw. 29 inch draw 60lb limbs. Has KTech string stabilizer, bare bow except for string loop.Great shooting bow but time for a new one. 400tyd. CONUS ONLY, will ship within one...
  16. Target Bows
    I am selling this Prime Impact because I have out grown the draw length it shoots great needs new strings, I have an extra set of factory strings that will go with it. It is a 50-60lb bow with a 30in cams. I am asking 500 plus shipping obo. If interested please text me any time 317-220-0469
  17. Target Bows
    This Supra is in excellent condition with only a few scratches where the sight and rest were mounted. It is a 2012 with the original cable slide that everyone likes so much. It is red, RH, with 50# limbs, Mini Evo cams and has brand new red and black ABB strings on it. It was well cared for...
  18. Target Bows
    Bow is in great shape comes with the factory strings as well as the custom white ones on the bow ... Bow has a #6 MOD for a 28.5" draw length $700 or best offer shipped to the lower 48 I accept paypal. Any questions send me a pm.....
  19. Hunting Bows
    So my other post got deleted somehow and here I am again. I have a 2013 Bowtech Experience in Black Ops that is 60-70 lbs draw and goes to 31" DL. It is a 9/10 overall for the bow. Shoots like a dream and already tuned up! Haven't had a single issue with limbs or anyting on this bow. I love...
1-19 of 52 Results