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  1. Great Plains Cazador T/D Longbow 58# 66 AMO

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    F/S/T I have a Great Plains T/D Longbow. Yew Limbs with cocobolo and rosewood riser. Sealskin rest and leather grip. Second owner, tillered for split. Comes with B50 Flemish twist string w/ Beaver balls installed. Also will come with a NEW B50 string that is tillerd as well. Asking $420 TYD...
  2. Martin Jaguar T/D Recurve

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Loss of F/T employment has led me to a point where I need to sell a few things and pay some bills. One of those items is my Martin Jaguar T/D recurve. Makes me sick! This 60" RH bow is 50# @ 28” with the Next Generation Camo. There is also some camo tape on the limbs from this past hunting...