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  1. Broadhead Discussion
    Anyone else out there shooting toxics from Flying Arrow Archery? I made the switch and I won't go back. They've worked very well for me, but I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say.
  2. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    I've been reading a lot about people using the old toxics for crossbow hunting, but has anyone tried the new ones? It seems like the old ones had a smaller diameter that didn't match up to crossbow bolts very well, which caused some flight issues. The new ones have been redesigned to better...
  3. Archerytalk Reviews Forum
    I've read a few old posts on Toxic broadheads from Flying Arrow Archery, but nothing recent. Has anyone tried the new ones? I just picked up a pack of Toxic 125gr and so far I am more than impressed! I'm told that FAA did a little tweaking to the design and now they fly just like my field...
  4. Broadhead Discussion
    Has anyone ever used Toxic broad heads with shoot through mesh? I will be testing it tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone has tried it yet.
  5. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Atom Broadheads - Are they worth using? I've seen the trolls, and I've watched the youtube videos. This would be my first season hunting with them, as I've used Muzzy's in the past. Has anyone had real life experiences with them? I'm considering using them this deer season, are they worth...
  6. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Hi folks, I'm looking to get myself a crossbow to get into hunting with, but unfortunately I only have about 500 bucks that I can spend on it (excluding accessories). To make matters worse, I live in Canada, in southern Ontario (not usually a bad thing, but here it really limits my selection...
  7. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Well I finally took two days and shot these heads for awhile. I was VERY skeptical about these heads thinking they would clog up and not penetrate worth a pile of beans. Out of the package: I took them out of the package and was very disappointed with the blades and how sharp they were at...
1-7 of 13 Results