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triple crown

  1. IBO Second Leg Feedback

    3D Archery
    Hello, all! I am the Assistant Property Manager at Monroe Lake and am responsible for organizing the second leg of the Triple Crown. We have many shooters compliment our shoot each year, and a few who aren't happy about some aspect of the competition. I am seeking feedback from those who...
  2. IBO Triple Crown Team

    3D Archery
    I will be shooting the IBO Triple crown shoots this year and wouldn’t mind jumping on an AHC team if anyone is looking for another member. Just PM me. Thanks!
  3. Pipestem - 1st Leg NTC

    3D Archery
    Who's planning to hit the 1st leg in Pipestem? I've never been there before, but will be attending this year. I've heard good things about that course.
  4. IBO National Triple Crown Peer Group Question

    3D Archery
    Can someone tell me how peer groups are established for the 3 legs of the national triple crown series? I read in the rule books that a peer group "may" be made up of the top 10 scores from a previous competition. Last year I only hit the 3rd leg so didn't have to worry about it. But this...
  5. Anyone shoot all 40 targets in a single day at a Triple Crown Event?

    3D Archery
    I'll be hitting the 3rd leg of the IBO Triple Crown this weekend. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it in until late Friday evening. I am thinking about trying to get all 40 targets in on Saturday. Anyone have any experience doing this? 40 shots is nothing physically. But the large...
  6. Is there triple crown event in iowa coming up

    3D Archery
    Had a friend mention something about a triple crown event somewhere south of ottumwa or something like that.
  7. WTB Martin Vision/Martin Venom or Fox Triple Crown

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    About 35#-45# Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you, Sean