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trouble with bow

  1. Difficulty Pulling My New Compound Bow

    General Archery Discussion
    I recently acquired a second hand Martin Scepter 4 compound bow. Draw weight is 55-70#. I usually shoot more trad and my primary bow is a 50# Bear Montana long bow which I love. I got the Martin and I dialed back the limbs to 55# based on the Martin recommendations that one bolt revolution would...
  2. Need Help! Problem with my Arrow Groups

    General Archery Discussion
    Thanks for your time and attention. I am having trouble with my arrow groupings. Almost every time I shoot a group of three of the same arrows I get two arrows close to each other with the other being at least 6 inches from the other two. What is going on? I tried every thing I can think of. I...
  3. Whisper Creek Sweet Damise

    General Archery Discussion
    I have a problem.I have fine tune this bow,Yet when I shoot my arow it goes all crazy.I am hiting dead on at 10 Yards.When I get to 15 or more I am way off.I did a paper test and it rips a big hole in the paper.It rips up if this is a help.If you have any info PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Bow...