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  1. WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hey y'all saw a video mentioning AT on youtube and had to check it out. I like it already. I got a Barnett vortex hunter for basically free. (Helped a buddy lay some landscaping brick and he gave it to me.) I had it set up and some arrows made for me (6) and have been shooting for about 2...
  2. General Archery Discussion
    New to hinges, wanting to get a decent/good one. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a stan jet black, black jack and black pearl? They all look very similar to me, especially the jetblack and blackjack. Any personal experiences and preferences would be appreciated too. Very...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    I currently use a tru ball fang4 and like it. I use a combination of back tension and thumb. My question is what would be a comparable release “style wise”? And maybe just a little higher grade? The release will need to be able to hang on my d loop while hunting. Thanks in advance for replys
1-3 of 39 Results