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  1. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Just got my HAM License and looking for a truck mounted HAM radio. My idea is to use it as a repeater for when I'm out in the middle of nowhere while hunting. I have a handheld Baofeng for my personal carry but might up grade that too. I heard from my teachers to have the Yaesu FTM 400 but its...
  2. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    The wife promised me I could get a new crossbow when she got a new car. She went and picked up a 2018 ford edge titanium on thursday. I had to remind her of her promise. I bought a new f150 EcoBoost 2.5 months for myself. We should be good on vehicles for a few years. Now to the crossbow...
  3. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    I bought a Bronze Fire F150 EcoBoost last month. I just finished hooking it up. This twin turbo v6 is a BEAST. I hope to put a few big bucks in the truck bed this year. List of mods I have done to it in the last month. Weathertech floor liners Llumar Ceramic Window Tint Marathon Seat Covers(...
  4. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    It has been a crazy couple weeks for my family. We had a family member pass away last week and my best friend past away on Saturday. My dog was my best friend. I went ahead and decided i needed a new ride. I decided on going with the Ford F150 with the v6 twin turbos. I drove my brothers F150...
  5. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I want to hunt whitetail deer next year. Every hunter I've talked to tells me they've always had pickup truck to transport their prey but I only have a 5 door hatchback so I'm not sure how to get mine home. Any advice from those that have harvested a deer without a flatbed? Thanks.
  6. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Dear Real Hunters, I want you to take a minute to relax from whatever you were doing to relieve your self. (You will feel better in every way) I know what a busy day is like, and if you spend too much time in your chair, then you need a life; so get up and go outside. I got a fun story for...
  7. Young Archers Forum
    Me and my brother (twin) have been working the past two summers to make money for a vehicle (preferably a truck) and I have been doing taxidermy as a side job. I do felt antler mounts and am still perfecting the european mount, but all the money i make off of the taxidermy I just turn it around...
  8. The Campfire
    Im looking to buy a 88 chevy. It needs a motor and i gotta 350 from a 95 chevy to put in it but im not sure if it would fit or if they changed the form of the motor. Anyone know?????
  9. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I am looking for a new(new to me, can be used) AWD or 4WD vehicle for daily driver but also mountain hunting. Ideally Id like decent gas mileage, reliable and tough comfortable and easy to pack a lot stuff in. What ideas come to mind? Any luck with the suzuki SX4 or Subaru Impreza?
1-9 of 18 Results