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  1. Hunting Land for Lease
    Our Florida osceola turkey hunting is a 3 day hunt, one tom for 1500, fully guided. The house is optional and costs 75 per night or 200 for 3 days. All of our Osceola hunting is on pre-scouted leased hunting grounds. We have a lot of birds and a lot acreage to work. Starting the morning, we...
  2. Services
    This will be our 4th year running kansas turkey hunting. Lodging and food will be provided this year. our total stats over 4 years: 68 toms 6 jakes killed with only 2 hunts that didn't produce a kill. fully guided: 4 day hunts, 2 tom limit, food and lodging provided. $800 we use multiple...
1-2 of 2 Results