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  1. Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Vectix XL '07 - right handed Vextor Cam and 1/2 Draw 28 1/2 fixed Weight #60 Let-off 75-65% adjustable Brace 7 3/16 Axle to axle 35 1/2 Great bow asking $350 tyd obo... barebow - with no accessories Call or post any questions! (814) 490-4360
  2. Hunting Bows
    Hoyt vectrix 70# 28" with QAD drop away and soft loc quiver, also regular tube peep... $375 to your door. Shipping will be UPS, regular shipping, you pay insurance if you want it (had problems with how their insurance works) payment will be through PayPal as a "gift" payment please, avoid the...
1-2 of 2 Results