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vegas 3 spot
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  1. Everything Else
    Selling: 40 NFAA 5-spot targets $20 tyd 175 Reversible Vegas targets, one side is a vegas 3 spot, one side is one spot. $100 tyd 233 80 cm 6 ring compound bow FITA Targets. $150 tyd
  2. Arizona
    2018 Southwest Indoor Sectional (Pre-Vegas Shoot) This will be a 3 spot shoot on Vegas faces. Location TBD January 13, 2018 Shoot Info
  3. Target Bows
    I have a 2015 Elite vitctory black only a month old has new string and cables limb driver rest and bow pod. Its a 60 lb max and 28 in draw I can change my draw length to what ever before shipping. only trading for podium, fanatic or specialist loaded out or cash. certified check or cash...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    What is the Cabin Fever Shootout? The Cabin Fever Shootout is a new indoor archery competition (3 spot target) series based on the northwestern side of Pennsylvania in Sharpsville, near the Ohio border. It is conveniently located and easy to find, just north of I-80. The series is built for...
  5. Coaches Corner
    So I have shot now for 8-9 months. My first bow being an old junk PSE that I couldn't pull. I then bought a Mission Riot, I loved that bow. I then in turn sold it and bought a 2012 Elite tour. I shot a CBE Elite Target then sold that and bought a SurLoc Icon 550 with the Swarovski Black Eagle...
  6. Arrows & Strings
    I have some Easton X7 2712's on the way with 300 grain points. I am thinking about just squaring up the ends of the uncut shaft and using them at that length, but I'm not sure if that is what I really want to do. Does anyone have any advice/comments/tips on what they are running for their spot...
  7. General Archery Discussion
    What would y'all say is a good indoor score for a 15yo? Vegas and blueface. I shoot male freestyle. Just wondering! lol. God bless.
1-7 of 8 Results