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  1. Velvet buck Taxidermy

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    In TN, they have opened up a Velvet hunt to some of the spots I am able to hunt the third week in August. Anyone killed a Velvet buck? What are the options for taxidermy in these circumstances? I know I kinda have to kill one first, but if there is extra cost associated with killing a velvet...
  2. Double Main Beam Timeline of Buck in Velvet

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    From early June to Late August we have a buck we call "SLIDER" all over the camera, so we made a timeline of the buck while developing his 2013 rack. We think he needs one more year before shooting, but check out the DOUBLE MAIN BEAM...
  3. UPDATE: On Giant NON-TYPICAL named TINY.

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    Triple Brows, Triple Droptines, but how old do you think this buck is??
  4. Velvet Shooter Buck????

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    We need your opinion... How old do you think this buck is and would you put your tag on him???
  5. Midwest Monarch Velvet Whitetails

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  6. Midwest Giant Whitetails in Velvet

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  7. Looking for early season Kentucky deer hunt

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for just a short hunt, 3 days most likely as that is all I can really get away from work. I'm a low maintenance hunter looking for a place that offers an opportunity at a decent deer before the regular bow season kicks off in Michigan.
  8. Need info on velvet bucks!

    I've got a hunting trip coming up in a couple days I'm going to So Carolina and I've got a opportunity to get a buck in velvet. My question is if i kill one in velvet will it be ok until I get it home? I have a 15 hr drive and prob another hr or two to get it to my taxidermist Any tips on...
  9. euro mount velvet buck?

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    has anyone ever done a skull mount with a buck they have taken in full velvet? is there some special preservative for the velvet or will it stay intact with out a preservative? if any one has done this feel free to post pics. any and all comments welcome!
  10. Velvet Preservation

    I've looked high and low and I cannot find any concrete advice for people who want to preserve velvet. I've read about injections and borrax solutions, but nothing complete or surefire.
  11. Have you ever killed a Velvet-racked Whitetail buck (any size) ???

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    The title says it all, Have you ever killed a velvet racked whitetail? Big or small lets see those pictures. Bow or gun welcome here. Thanks for any replies......... Keep'em Sharp... :)