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  1. Help, arrow set up

    General Archery Discussion
    Looking for guidance here. I’ve bought a victory 3DHV 500’s dozen cutted at 25 inches with 150gn points (306gn total weight). I’m 26.5 dl and 60 dw, so according to the numbers I’m 5.1gn per pound. My bow mechanic told me that’s to weak according to the victory’s web page but according to...
  2. Losing Carbons? Aluminizing your carbon arrows.

    DIY Equipment
    Though the first rule is to hit what you are aiming at, there are times when that $12.00 Carbon arrow has a mind of its own and takes a shank into the ground. The times you miss and find your expensive carbon burying itself never to be found again can be frustrating. Especially in 3D and Field...