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  1. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking for a dozen or so Victory VForce Elite V1 .245 350 spine arrows with Blazer vanes. I am running low and went to replenish and they change the vanes on the new ones. Please let me know if you have any to sell. Prefer Chartreuse/White if possible but willing to consider any color. Thanks...
  2. South Africa Forum
    Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me if there is anyone selling Victory arrows in SA. I am looking for some VAP SS 300 spine arrows.
  3. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Never shot victory vap shafts. They have been cut to 26" to the outsert, and the outserts have been glued. 400 spine. Bought them for my nephew he outgrew them before he could shoot them. No trades sale only. $100 tyd
  4. Western Bowhunting Gallery
    2019 mule deer shot in western Colorado. looking forward to 2020 and the hunts to come! Is it September yet?
  5. General Archery Discussion
    Has anyone shot the new Easton 6.5mm arrows? I've been thinking about going back to a standard size shaft and was eyeing the Victory VF TKO's and also came across the new Easton 6.5mm line. Both arrows come in at the same gpi, but you can get a touch heavier insert in the VF TKO's, which I...
  6. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Good afternoon everyone! I'm at a loss and could really use some assistance. I currently shoot the following: - Mathews TRIAX @ 70lbs - 27.5inc draw length - QAD Drop-away rest -Spothogg Fast Eddy single-pin - Victory Xtorsion 5mm, 300spline arrows w/ broadhead adapter outserts and 100g field...
  7. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    1 Dozen VAP TKO Elite's, 300 Spine. These are brand new, never been fletched or cut. Only taken out of package for pictures 1 Dozen VAP TKO Elite's, 350 Spine. I used these as my recurve arrows (only shot 6 of these arrows, maybe a handful of times). Since then, they sat in my arrow box, I...
  8. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Selling 6 new, uncut, NVX23s. .001 straightness. 500 spine. Includes 12 nocks and (6) 150gr points. $75tyd. No trades
  9. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    $60 shipped TYD for all of them. Paypal ONLY. Add 3% fee. I have 11 victory Vforce arrows in .350 spine, all in excellent to like-new condition. My Rival prefers a stiffer spined arrow, so i'm offloading these. Specs below: Spine: .350 GPI: 8.7 Carbon-to-carbon length: 29.5" Nock to insert...
  10. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    (12) Cabelas Stalker extreme arrows along with (3) Victory Decimator arrows (same weight) all 500 spine and 25" carbon to noc groove $55 TYD (6) Easton Axis 400's 25" carbon to noc groove. 4 were custom built by south shore archery with max hunter vanes and 2 are camo with blazers $30 TYD...
  11. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    for sale (8) Victory RIP 350 Gamer. 29" Carbon to Carbon. 5 have firenock outserts. fletched with 2inch blazers. includes original factory outserts (x12) $60 tyd paypal only PM if you need more info or pics.
  12. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 11 Victory VX23 arrows 28-1/4" carbon to carbon with 100 gr points and black "G" nocks. $110 TYD
  13. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I'm looking for lightly used Target/3d arrows and have decided to go with 23 series. I'd prefer SuperDrive 23's but open to other brands as well. I'm looking for 350-400 spine. Will be shot out of a Victory 37 29" 62lbs. Thanks! Mike (978) 729-4690
  14. Arrows & Strings
    Hey Everyone, Im not new to Archery or shooting my bow, but i am new to the part of getting into getting the optimal arrows for my set up. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me if these arrows (cut to my length) would be an optimal arrow, or if anyone could point me in...
  15. General Archery Discussion
    I am looking at purchasing either one of these arrows and was wondering what you guys had to say on either? They both have similar GPI in .300 spine. Both are .204 ID..... Has anybody shot both? Any input would be appreciated!
  16. General Archery Discussion
    I saw that Victory has come out with the RIP XV (extreme velocity) shafts and these things are light! Only 7.0 GPI for a .300 spine shaft!? That almost seems dangerous to me, but maybe I am wrong? Here is a link- These should really hit the spot for the...
  17. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Just purchased these from dgmeadows on AT last week but decided to go with a stiffer spine for my set up. Perfect condition NIB full length shafts (no inserts/outserts). Just looking to get what I paid back. $100 TYD FIRM add 4% via PayPal or M.O.. ONLY TRADE WOULD BE FOR 1 DOZ VICTORY VAP...
  18. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 11 Victory X-Ringer HV. They are V1 and 350 spine. 28.5" carbon to carbon or 29" to nock throat. Fletched with 3 orange AAE Max fletchings. $100 tyd
  19. General Archery Discussion
    I am interested in the new blue Rz by Carbon express. I currently shoot victory vapor elites which I love. They hit hard and fly very true, I'm just not a fan of using outsert so. I ordered a special outsert from firenock but had problems with losing the outsert. They outsert/insert from victory...
  20. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 9 Victory VAP V3 350s cut to 28" from the valley of the nock to the start of the outsert. (29 1/8 overall). The Penetrator 2 outserts are already glued on. Of the 9 I have shot 3 of them just a few times for tuning purposes with no signs of wear on them. The other six have never been...
1-20 of 46 Results