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  1. General Archery Discussion
    I'm now old but used to shoot quite well. I have no idea what my "Kustom" Fedora 60" recurve is worth but I have someone interested. It's gotta be from the 70's. Beautiful laminating, straight with a serial number all hand written numbers. Any ideas? Or where I could get a quick assessment with...
  2. Traditional Archery
    Hi Been shooting for years and always used hot melt glue from Bohning on all my arrows be aluminium or carbon. However I got a set of Black Eagle arrows Vintage but on their site they say not to use Hot melt glue ??? So what do you guys and girls use to glue insert in BE arrows instead then...
  3. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    historical reproduction
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Hi! I'm fairly new in my archery experience. I started with a recurve, and had a lot of fun with that. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a compound bow from a friend of a friend. I've been trying to find out info about this bow, since he doesn't know the name/model number, and I won't...
  5. Bear Archery Discussion
    I got this old black bear, and she’s in good shape. The string is frayed a little about 1/3 up from the bottom. I already have 2 Warf’d black bears, and so I figure I’ll play around with this one to see how accurate it can be. I know nothing about compounds, so I’m looking for some ideas. If...
  6. Hunting Bows
    For Sale Vintage 1981 Howard Hill Big Five longbow 66# at 27" draw Stored unstrung horizontally Hard hitting, well built bow Lovingly used condition $350 Buyer paid shipping at a discounted rate I purchased this as a young man in 1981 in Hamilton, MT from Howard Hill Archery while on my way to...
  7. WELCOME! New User Forum
    I am a new user, but not really a member of this community. I just have a vintage bow and arrows to sell that I can't list on other sales sites like OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace because it is a weapon. There's no way I can make 20 posts to be eligible for the classifieds. Does anyone...
  8. Traditional Archery
    I went to Kansas for a vacation and went to a vintage pawn shop, I spotted this vtg compound bow and bought it, when I got to the van and started to inspect it it seemed to be strung for possibly years because when I removed the cables and cams the lower limp stayed in the position it was strung...
  9. History Talk
    SO.. I inherited my dad's compound. Trying to find out which model it is. It almost looks like an 84 "Pronghorn hunter" but it does not have asymetrical cams. Example: Maybe someone here will be able to identify it? Here are some images: I just found out that I'll be able to shoot...
  10. General Archery Discussion
    I am hoping someone on here has an old Scheib Industries catalog. I'm I know they incorporated in the early 70's and stopped producing archery equipment in the late 80's. Here are some pics of an old tool they made for crimping metal points on wood arrows.
  11. General Archery Discussion
    Hi, I am new to archery and just now register to this forum. I recently acquired this long bow locally and was wondering on the brand affiliation to it. There is a label but it has faded so much during time that it is barely legible. The logo seems to be of an American eagle or falcon with some...
  12. PSE Archery Discussion
    Hey everyone. Im having some serious problems trying to find any information on pse pacer 2. I bought one about 5 months ago for about 15 bucks, and the previous owner decided it must have been a good idea to remove all of the labelling. Seriously its taken me this long just to determine its a...
  13. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Very beautiful and excellent 1972 Bear T/D riser B with original limbs #2 around 40 pounds, with original Bear Bag, original Bear 1972 catalogue and second pair of limbs in same specs from unknow maker. I'm Italian from Roma. The only one problem is on one Bear limbs who show a ding on the side...
  14. WTB/WTT Traditional Gear
    I have two vintage recurves in great condition. Both 50"s bows. A 60" 50# Bear Kodiak Hunter & a 52" 45# Bear Kodiak Magnum. Asking $250. ea. shipped in USA. For sale only. No trades. Don't know why the site would not give the option title this for sale.
  15. 10 Year/Older (Vintage) Compound Bows, Accessories
    Truly old school Martin. It's a 30 year old bow, and well used, but it's in decent shape. Comes with a (cheap) hard case. $90 TYD OBO.
  16. Traditional Archery
    I have an old English long bow that appears to be a factory model as the specs are stamped into the bow. Does anyone know what bowyer/company made this bow? Thanks.
  17. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    On my hobby site and I have hundreds of vintage archery catalogs and magazines, plus hundreds of articles for the traditional archer. Also many vintage recurve bows (100+) for sale, including several LH bows in many makes and models.
  18. Left Hand Traditional Bows
    On my hobby site and I have hundreds of vintage archery catalogs and magazines, plus hundreds of articles for the traditional archer. Also many vintage recurve bows (100+), including may LH bows in many makes and models.
  19. Traditional Archery
    On my hobby site and I have hundreds of vintage archery catalogs and magazines, plus hundreds of articles for the traditional archery. Also many bows (close to 100) from my collection that i have put up for sale. Many makes and models in both RH and LH.
  20. Traditional Archery
    I've owned over 600 vintage recurves over the years. I need some expert help and advice, however. I see this pattern (see pic) in about 2% of vintage bows. It is always near the limb tips. Some bows have it worse than others. In real life, the lines don't look nearly as pronounced as in the...
1-20 of 130 Results