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  1. Cam and a half mod switch on Hoyt Vipertec xt 1000

    Hoyt Technical Forum
    I have a Hoyt Vipertec xt 1000. It has the cam and half cam system. I believe it has the #6 cam modules which go from 27.5 to 30 inches. The 27.5 is just a bit long for me and I was wondering if I could just switch modules on the bow without changing cams/ limbs. I think I would need the #4 or...
  2. Hoyt Vipertec XT 1000 LEFT HANDED

    Hunting Bows
    Hey everyone, I have a LEFT HANDED Hoyt Vipertec XT 1000 that I am selling. 60-70lb limbs and 27.5-30" draw length. Comes with a TruGlo sight, prong rest, and a kwikee quiver. Asking $250 for the bow and will throw in 8 Easton Axis arrows for $50 more. Only looking to sell right now, no...
  3. 2004 Hoyt ViperTec 70 lb Camo Ready to Shoot!!!

    Hunting Bows
    This bow is loaded and ready to hunt. All you will need is arrows and a release. 2004 ViperTec in Realtree Hardwoods 26.5-29 draw newer replacement cams Vital Gear 3 pin sight QAD Ultra Rest Limbsaver X-Coil rest Vibraguard Windstalker Hoyt 4 arrow 2 piece quiver G5 Meta peep D-Loop Kisser...
  4. Hoyt Vipertec W/ Accessories- RTH

    Hunting Bows
    For Sale is a Hoyt Vipertec in Mint condition! Ready to Hunt all you need is a release and broadheads for the arrows I just got it and unfortunately one of those rainy days has caught me and I must sell it. Included with bow: Right Handed Vipertec- IBO speed: 300fps Cam and 1/2 system. Axle...
  5. Hoyt Vipertec Mint Condition- LOADED

    Hunting Bows
    For Sale is a mint condition Right Handed hoyt vipertec with tons of accessories! IBO speed: 300fps Cam and 1/2 system. Axle to Axle length: 32.5" Bow mass: 3.8lbs Brace height: 7.5" Let off: 65-75% Draw weight: 60-70lbs Draw length: 28.5-31" Whisker Biscuit QS arrow rest Sword Sights...
  6. Hoyt Vipertec '05

    Hunting Bows
    I have an 05' Hoyt Vipertec, Currently Set at 29" and 63# Can be adjusted without mods Has Stabilizer, Whisker biscuit, Tru-glo 5 pin sight and lanyard Its @ the bow shop on consignment right now or i would take pics! Pm or email with any Q's [email protected] Looking to get $425