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  1. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Northern Mist Whisper in excellent condition 64" 55# @28 Black glass with birds eye maple riser and pre ban ivory tips
    $575 USD
  2. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    I was going through some of the releases, I have decided I don't need these anymore. and Best Offers are welcomed all I can say is no or yes. Thanks for looking. Carter Releases 155 TYD CONUS only -- paypal for almost new Carter (newest version) 2-simple Black 3 finger 120 TYD CONUS only --...
  3. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    This may be a longshot, but I wanted to see if anyone would trade for a Carter Fits Me Too in black. It says that it works for medium-sized hands, but I wear large and x-large gloves without any issues. Really the only 2 releases I would want to trade for are a Carter Whisper or a Scott Exxus...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Buyer Beware! A Fuse Freestyle Bare bow weighs 2.856 lbs(2 lbs-13.7 oz) NOT the advertised 2.3 lbs(2 lbs-4.8 oz)! I always doubted the claim of 2.3 lbs when Whisper Creek Archery sold these youth bows as the Panther, but when Hoyt bought out the rights to the WCA Panther youth bow, I trusted...
  5. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    For sale is a Carter Whisper that I used about 5 times before I realized handle releases aren't for me. Still have original packaging, and knurled thumb grip. $175 tyd. No trades, PP accepted.
  6. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I have a carter whisper that i would like to trade for a carter too simple, would like a two finger or three finger. Color does not matter to me. Will post pictures later tonight. Pm with offers or questions. If i sell, price is $115 tyd lower 48.
  7. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I am looking to trade these two releases for a carter whisper. If i was going to sell would rather sell as a set. $170 for the two of them. will post pics tonight. pm with questions.
  8. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am looking for a Large Carter Whipser. Would perfer red in color but intrested in all colors, looking for thumb barrel as well. With all parts tools and instructions. As 'like new' condition as possible. Please PM me. Will buy outright no trades. Thank you! Matty
  9. General Archery Discussion
    I am looking for a thumb release for target and hunting. Something smooth and quiet. Have seen the Plain 1 and like the size and feel, but cannot find a Whisper anywhere around me to look at. How does it compare the the Plain 1 in terms of size and feel? Is it as quiet as claimed?
  10. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    A brand new in package Alpine Whisperflite Match Grade Fall Away Rest. Right hand, black in color. Comes with rest, cord, pads, wrenches, and extra Alpine cable slide. Multiple mounting holes and 2 set screws to mount solid on any bow! $50tyd. Retail is around 75.
  11. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    I have a Red Carter Whisper for sale. It can be shot with 3 or 4 fingers. Would make a great release for hunting due to its design. I'd also recommend it to anyone who would like to gain some drawlenght, because unlike other releases it doesn't have a traditional "head." It also uses magnets to...
  12. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    This is the new carter whisper with its magnetic trigger system in it. It is 100% complete and is in perfect condition. I am only asking for $150 for it. If anyone is interested send me a pm with your email and I can Sean's you pictures if you want.
  13. Hunting Bows
    I just bought a new bow and this 2007 Whisper Creek Archery Stealth LX bow needs to go soon before my wife shoots me. It is in Hardwoods Green, set at 28" draw but easily adjustable, 70 lbs, and I had the cam replaced with the new 2008 version. I'm selling the bare bow, with peep sight, and...
1-13 of 13 Results